1.   Internal situation

Character : Biblical Center run by Ursuline Sisters of the Roman Union

Contact Person : Sr. Emmanuel Gunanto, OSU

Email :

Personnel :

  • Sr. Marie Louise Nastiti, OSU
  • Yustanes Wiranaga
  • Yusuf Chandra
  • Yunus Supardi
  • Agustina Roumimper
  • Lanny Chandra

Fax : 6222 710 3728

Postal address : Jln Supratman 1, Bandung 40114, Indonesia

2.   Activities in 2012-2013

  •  Weekly Bible Course for adults (The Bible in 100 weeks)
  • Weekly Bible Sharing.
  • Weekly Biblical Animation in the parish
  • Monthly bible class for Carmelite Sisters
  • Monthly bible class for the blind,
  • Three Bibliodrama Workshops in 2012 and one in February 2013.
  • Bible animation, Trainings, Seminars, Recollections and Biblical Retreats upon request in parishes and for categorical groups. Target groups: children, youth, families, adults, religious, Basic Ecclesial Communities.
  • Present the homilies and talks of Pope Francis specially those in the Year of Faith in power point to help better and understand and live the faith.
  • On August 6-10, 2012 we hosted the 6th Subregonal Workshop on Verbum Domini
  • In August 2012 we organized workshops on Creative ways of Teaching the Bible facilitated by Charles Javier from the Philippines.

3.   Publications in 2012-2013

  • Course material
    Daily reflections based on the readings of daily Mass
    printed in Bandung and available on website

4.   Projects for the year 2013-2014

  • More Bibliodrama Workshops Training Facilitators.
  • More workshops on Creative ways of Teaching the Bible.

5.   Other important reflections

 People often complain their bible sharings become discussions.

We have developed a bible sharing method with the following steps:

1. Reading the text in creative ways

2. Questions for study where everybody is invited to give answers, and this is a kind of icebreaker also

3. Word and action –

4. Questions for reflection and sharing

5. Spontaneous prayers.

Since all possible questions about the text have been answered, and questions are given for reflection, the sharing can be deep and personal. Elements of bibliodrama are used. The participants find this method very enriching and satisfying.


Updated: June 12, 2013


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