CBF-SEA-BA Link 2007 No. 24

CBF-SEA-BA Link 2007  No. 24



ornamentlighttn.jpgMy dear Friends in the Word,


in the previous Link (no. 23) I sent you Star’s letter. I should have sent this one (published below by Star herself) which has been updated and corrected. I am very sorry for the mistake. Please take note of this letter with the detailed information about our 5th CBF-SEA Workshop. Should there be any doubts or questions, please write us. Fr. Oscar’s letter in Link 23 is for CBCP-ECBA members. For us, CBF-SEA members, Star’s letter contains all the information we need. A big THANKS to Star for her well prepared letter.

See you in Cagayan de Oro City. For the program and other details please visit https://cbfsea.wordpress.com !



In the Lord,


yours Sr. Emma Gunanto, osu.

CBF-SEA-BA Link 2007 No. 23


CBF-SEA-BA Link 2007 No. 23



My dear Friends in the Word,


gunanto.jpgGreetings from Bandung!

I wish each of you a blessed Advent Season. Some of you have asked for more details of our CBF-SEA meeting in Cagayan De Oro, Philippines, this coming February 11-17. For this, please read Star’s letter, our co-coordinator for this workshop.


In the Lord, 

yours…Sr. Emma Gunanto, OSU







Dear CBF South East Asian Members,

advent.gifstar-1.jpgBlessed Advent to you and your fellow workers in the Word! In this season of waiting for the Messiah, we, too, are waiting for the realization of our hopes and dreams – a world of justice, peace and reconciliation!

In the CBF 4th Asia-Oceania Biblical Congress held on February 14-18, 2005 in Tagaytay City, Philippines, we reflected on our situations of peace or the lack of it in our respective countries. We realized there is so much that need to be done to improve the situations. In the midst of all these realities, we believe that the Word of God gives us the guide and inspiration towards lasting peace and justice. We, who believe, are most challenged to bring about such peace wherever we are so that the Angels will sing for us on Christmas Day “Gloria in Excelsis Deo, Peace on Earth, Goodwill to all Men and Women!”

The 5th CBF South East Asian Biblical Workshop

Welcome to the Philippines, particularly in Cagayan de Oro City, in the Southern Philippines for our South East Asian Workshop on February 11-17, 2008. We hope that all our member institutions will be represented in this Workshop. We join with the ECBA National Workshop from February 11-15 and extend for a couple of days for our SEA planning sessions as our output from the 3-days input in preparation for the CBF Plenary Assembly in June 2008.

Travel Itinerary

Kindly inform us by email as soon as you have arranged your travel itinerary. We need the names and the details of your arrival at Cagayan de Oro City (CDO) and your departure date and time for the reservations of the accommodations at the resort hotel. You can take a domestic flight from Manila to Cagayan de Oro City. Sr. Emma, Fr. Doms and I will meet you at the airport of CDO. If you plan to visit other cities in the Philippines, please inform us the details of your itinerary so we can assist you.

CBF Subsidy

Please be reminded that CBF-SEA will pay for only one delegate for every member institution for the registration, board & lodging for February 11-17, 2008. We shall make adjustments if the foreign delegate arrives a day earlier or leave a day later since we cannot be too exact with the flight schedules from abroad. However, the members will pay for their transportation expenses and other incidental expenses incurred in the travel.

Kindly also get your travel agent’s travel cost proposal for Tanzania and bring it with you in February so that we will know the budget for the member’s travel subsidy for the CBF-PA from our membership fees in trust fund.

What to bring

The weather in the Philippines by that time is supposed to be cool but we cannot be too sure. Bring light clothes, a sweater and an umbrella (since it often rains). Bring your swimsuit since we are in a resort (there’s time for swimming) and bring your personal towel too, your personal toiletries and medicines. Bring your bible, your reports for CBF and whatever you can share with the group. Kindly bring one national dress and a presentation for socials (just in case). Make sure there is space in your luggage for things you might like to buy or bring back home. 


The Program

Our CBF-SEA Objectives in the Workshop in February 11-17, 2008 at Cagayan de Oro City will be the following:

  1. To reflect with the Speakers on the Word of God as Source of Justice, Reconciliation and Peace;
  2. To apply these reflections to our own situations;
  3. To review our current pastoral actions and find new ways and means to promote justice and peace with Sacred Scriptures;
  4. To share what we are doing in our own small ways for the enrichment of all;
  5. To situate our SEA role in the work towards World Peace.

We shall participate in the ECBA program that is published in our website https://cbfsea.wordpress.com. This is also your opportunity to experience the biblical pastoral ministers from the diocesan biblical centers of the Philippines and what they are doing in their respective dioceses. However, during the group workshops after every talk, the CBF members will group together and answer the guide questions that will be given to them after the talks. There is no time for reporting of these small group workshops in the program. However, the CBF-SEA delegates will report the group outputs before we start the planning on the 16th of February.

For the Members’ report to the CBF:

As a preparation for the Asia-Oceania Workshop held in Tagaytay City, Phil. in 2005, we sent out guide questions using the Pastoral Cycle process. Some members sent their responses to the questions on the country situation on Peace and Justice, Violence, Corruption, Globalization, etc. We looked at the respective Situation on the Issues, the Social Analysis, Theological Reflections and Pastoral Actions. Kindly review your report on this. If you lost your copy, email me so that I can send you back what you reported (for those who submitted their report).

It is important to review all the aspects and most especially the Pastoral Actions that were done and planned. We would like to know what happened since then until now. How much has been done or how much is still to be done? What were the successes and failures in the plans? Why? What are the improvements (or worsening perhaps) of the situations? Why?

We shall look again at our respective situations, in the light of the inputs of the February, 2008 Workshop and come up with new perspectives and plan accordingly. These are what we shall do in the additional two days of the ECBA program.

Our outputs from the 5th SEA Workshop at CDO will be the body of the South East Asian Report that will be reported by our sub-regional coordinator, Sr. Emma Gunanto, OSU, during the CBF Plenary Assembly in Tanzania in June, 2008.

 If you have questions or need more information, please email me at stellamaris_ph@yahoo.com or Fr. Doms at doms_ramos@yahoo.com or Sr. Emma at ambc@bdg.centrin.net.id.

Hope to see you at Cagayan de Oro City or your representative! Please get in touch and tell us if you are coming which we hope you will.

God bless us.

Sincerely yours,

Estrella (Star) del Mar

CLFC, Philippines






fx-phan-long.jpgLast October, the Bishops’ Conference of Vietnam finally created the Biblical Commission and appointed Bishop Joseph Vo Duc Minh, DD the coadjutor of Nha Trang diocese as president of the new Commission.


The Bishop president/chairman is now very busy “recruiting” members for the Commission among the Biblical scholars who graduated from the Pontifical Biblical Institute of Rome, or from some Biblical Theology College, and among the “lovers” of the Holy Scripture.


Pray for our new Commission, please.

Best wishes for a Holy Advent!

FX Phan Long, OFM