Congratulations! 27th Hearts on Fire

The Catholic Biblical Federation of South-East Asia extends its heartfelt Congratulations to the recently held Hearts on Fire Gospel Festival organized and administered by Mr. Charles Javier. We dedicate to you the marching Hearts on Fire… more power…onward! JP1BC-hearts-on-fire.mp3

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at Cha-Li Beach Resort, CugmanCagayan de Oro City,


February 11-17, 2008

GERMANY (CBF Stuttgart)

01. Mr. Alexander Schweitzer – CBF General Secretary


02. Bishop Arturo M. Bastes, SVD, DD – ECBA, Philippines

03. Fr. Oscar Alunday, SVD – ECBA, Philippines

04. Miss Mary Almonte – Mother of Life, Philippines

05. Ms. Estrella C. del Mar – CLFC, Cebu City, Philippines

06. Fr. Dominador O. Ramos, SVD – JPIBC, Vigan City, Philippines

07. Sr. Antonia Anas, SIHM – SIHM, Baguio City, Philippines

08. Sr. Miriam Alejandrino, OSB – BSEK, Philippines

09. Fr. Marcelo Cattaneo, SVD – SVD-Southern Province, Philippines

10. Fr. Nilo Gealan, SVD – SVD- Northern Province, Philippines

11. Mr. Jenaro Christopher Molina – SVD-Central Province, Philippines

12. Mr. Harvey Campos – IPD, Philippines

13. Miss Carmencita Rojas – EAPI, Philippines

14. Sr. Theresine Dingal, SFIC – Constant Jurgens Biblical Center, Philippines


15. Sr. Emma Gunanto, OSU – AMBC, Indonesia (sub-regional coordinator)

16. Mr. Seto Marsunu – LBI, Indonesia

17. Fr. Lukas Jua, SVD – SVD, Ende, Indonesia

18. Fr. Silvester San – Pastoral Center, Ende, Indonesia

19. Fr. Paskalis Edwin Nyoman Paska, SVD – SVD Java, Indonesia


20. Fr. Francis Vira – Catholic Center Bangkok, Thailand

21. Miss Tadsanee Mathurotsuwan – Catholic Center Bangkok, Thailand

22. Mrs. Supannee Bunyarat – Catholic Center Bangkok, Thailand


23. Ms. Cecilia ChuiNorth East Asia Subregional Coordinator of CBF


24. Fr. Joseph Tran Hoa Hung, SDB – Liturgy of the Hours Group – Viet Nam


25. Sr. Tammy Saberon – Catholic Bishops Conference, Myanmar


26. Mr. Richard Wong – Catholic Bishops Conference Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei



Latest edition of “Bulletin Dei Verbum” published

On Lectio Divina, Aparecida, Tanzania and  the Pope’s Book on Jesus of Nazareth

resize-of-cbf-logo.jpgInternational biblical pastoral bulletin on topical themes relating to biblical pastoral ministry around the globe (January 23, 2008)

The latest edition of the international biblical pastoral quarterly published in Stuttgart, “Bulletin Dei Verbum”, spans a wide range of themes from Lectio Divina to the General Assembly of the Latin American and Caribbean Bishops Council continuing to the Seventh Plenary Assembly of the Catholic Biblical Federation to be held in Tanzania, and finishing up with a  review of Pope Benedict’s book, “Jesus of Nazareth”.


This double issue no. 84/85 commences with three articles on Lectio Divina. Following a short introductory explanation on this traditional method of prayerful reading of Scripture Bruna Costacurta and Bruno Secondin reflect on the relationship between biblical exegesis and biblical scholarship.

Regional themes focus on Latin America and Africa. Santiago Guijarro writes on discipleship in the Gospels from a biblical perspective, a theme molding the discussions at the CELAM assembly at the Brazilian place of pilgrimage, Aparecida.

Tanzania, the host country of the upcoming CBF Plenary Assembly, is a main theme: Titus Amigu introduces the readers to the largest country in East Africa and Klaus Vellguth reflects on the East and South African origins of Bible-sharing. In the section “From the fields” colleagues at the renowned Lumko-Institute introduce the readers to the so-called Amos-Programme. This method of Gospel-sharing from South Africa attempts to teach people to read the Bible in the context of their social and political environment.

The latest edition of “Bulletin Dei Verbum” closes with an extensive review of Pope Benedict’s book, “Jesus of Nazareth”, written by the biblical scholar and Archbishop emeritus of Milano, Cardinal Carlo M. Martini, sj. And last but not least the bulletin informs on what is happening around the globe from the network of the Catholic Biblical Federation and on the Holy Father’s announcement on the Pauline Year 2008/2009.


BDV no. 84/85 can be ordered for the price of 5 USD / 5 euros (plus postage) from the General Secretariat of the Catholic Biblical Federation, P.O. Box 10 52 22, D-70045 Stuttgart, Germany ▪ Telephone: +49-711-16924-0 ▪ Fax +49-711-16924-24 ▪ E-mail: (please state the desired language: German, English, French or Spanish).

The quarterly “Bulletin Dei Verbum” is published by the General Secretariat of the Catholic Biblical Federation and appears in German, English, French and Spanish editions. The journal treats primarily biblical and biblical pastoral themes and promotes the worldwide exchange on the Bible and its interpretation. It is committed to insuring that people can experience the life-giving message of the Bible in a way that is life- and context-related and that respects and fosters the diversity of different cultures and different approaches.

Previous issues:

Exegesis and Biblical Pastoral Ministry (BDV 82/83) ▪ “That they may all be one”: Sacred Scriptures and Christian Unity (BDV 81) ▪ Word of God and Interreligious Dialogue: Sacred Scriptures in Judaism, Christianity and Islam (BDV 79/80) ▪ Today’s World and God’s Word (BDV 78) ▪  International Dei Verbum Congress 2005 Rome (BDV 76/77) ▪ 40 Years of Dei Verbum: The Dogmatic Constitution and Its Reception / In Memoriam Pope John Paul II (BDV 74/75) ▪ Pluralism and Biblical Pastoral Ministry (BDV 72/73) ▪ Fundamentalism and Biblical Pastoral Ministry (BDV 70/71)


Dear companions on the web;

Greetings in the Word!

This is to inform you that our website: bears a new e-mail address starting today at press time. Our new e-mail address is:

Beginning today, all your comments, suggestions, contributions, communications or letters for our website should be sent to the above mentioned e-mail address for fast and immediate action according to our accessibility to the web.

Kindly feed our web with your feedback!

Linking with you,


CBF-SEA Link 2008 No. 3

  CBF-SEA BA Link 2008 – 3

Dear friends in the Word,
Since last September 15th we have been enjoying our CBF-SEA Website

which has been set up by Fr. Dominador (Doms) Ramos, SVD and Star. Fr. Doms is almost always online, always available to continually and cheerfully update our web together with Star. Every time we can find new surprises because of their creativity and dedication. Tomorrow, January 18th, will be his 51st birthday. Let us thank and praise our good Lord for his life which has been a great blessing for us, CBF-SEA. And let us pray that he continue his service to the Church as a faithful and joyful Servant of the Word, a blessing for all!

To all my friends and companions online with … especially Sr. Emma Gunanto, thank you very much for your prayers, wishes, greetings and inspiring words. I am truly grateful for this privilege to be one of the instruments of the Good News like you. Thank you for celebrating the gift of life with me.

In the Word,

CBF-SEA Link 2008 No. 2

CBF-SEA-BA Link 2008 No. 2   

My dear Friends in the Word,          

Greetings from wet Bandung!

By now you must have received the first Link of this year. Several of you have sent me their annual report and registration form for the 5th CBF-SEA Workshop in Cagayan de Oro. Thanks so much. Attached (Members-1-08) you find the General Secretary’s letter to the CBF members. I just want to highlight two things in the letter:

resize-of-emma-2341.jpg1.   Please send the Registration form for the Plenary Assembly without delay. The deadline is February 29th 2008.

2   Each member Institution is represented by one representative of the Plenary Assembly.  If you would like to have other personnel of your Institution to participate, you can make your request informally to the General Secretariat and they will try to work out a solution.         

I suppose that by now you have received Alexander’s letter with the many attachments including the Registration Form sent last December.  If you have not, please let me know,         

For updates, visit our website

See you in Cagayan De Oro


In the Lord,

yours Sr. Emma Gunanto, osu. 

CBF-SEA-BA Link 2008 No. 1


 (click the card above for our New Year greetings)

CBF-SEA-BA Link 2008 No. 1

My dear Friends in the Word,

Today, on the first day of year 2008, I wish each of you a happy and grace filled New Year. Yes, “May the Lord bless us and keep us! May he let his face shine upon us, and be gracious to us! May the Lord look upon us kindly and give us peace.” (Numbers 6:24-26).


Very important events are awaiting us: our CBF-SEA Workshop in Cagayan De Oro on February 11-17, 2008, and the Plenary Assembly on June 23-July 3, 2008. We have received the necessary papers from the General Secretariat.

Then there is another important event that is worth our attention and prayers. The South Asian sub region will have its 5th Workshop on January 2-5 in Mumbai, so starting tomorrow. This will be the first meeting of the Asian region to reflect on the CBF VII Plenary Assembly theme: “Word of God, source of Reconciliation, Justice and Peace.” Let us all pray fervently for a smooth running and very fruitful meeting. For that we ask the intercession of Mary, our Mother, icon of fruitful listening to the Word. We offer a special prayer for Fr. Peter Abir, the South Asian sub regional coordinator.


Just a few reminders for those who are going to participate in the 5th Southeast Asian Workshop: You can send more than one delegate if you wish, but the CBF-SEA will pay for one delegate only. The extra number will have to pay for the board & lodging. There is a new rate in dollars for Chali resort since the peso is stronger everyday. It will be $198/person for 7 days and $226/person for 8 days depending on your arrival and departure time. The rate includes meals at the resort during the workshop.

To help you make the annual report of the year 2007, I will send each of you the latest one you sent us. Please see how you can update it using the same outline. I send you also the first draft of our forthcoming SEA Workshop. Maybe you could prepare your report in the light of the CBF Plenary Assembly theme.

Attached to this letter you find the REGISTRATION FORM (please click to download: 5th-cbf-sea-form.doc) for the Workshop in Cagayan de Oro. ,

Could you please fill it in, and send it as soon as possible to:

Estrella del Mar


You have received the 17th National Biblical Workshop of the Philippines in which we will participate from February 11-15.

The following is exclusively for us:




February 14, 2008


8.35 -12.00 Recap – Introduction to the 5th CBF-SEA Workshop

Flashback to our 4th CBF-SEA Workshop in Tagaytay, February 19-21, 2005


What progress have we made as CBF-SEA sub region?

Looking at the resolutions, what have we done, and not done; why?

Looking at our situation in the past three years, what are the most crucial problems in my country / place that need to be addressed to in the light of “The Word, source of justice, peace and reconciliation”?

(Work in small groups and plenum)

12.00 Lunch and show and tell

2.00-4.00 How did you in your Biblical Ministry experience the Word as a source of justice, peace and reconciliation?

(Work in small groups and plenum)



February 15, 2008


Biblical Pastoral Tour by the Cagayan de Oro Biblical Pastoral Ministry Team; Holy Eucharist and Agape in the Basic Ecclesial Communities.


February 16, 2008


7.00 – 8.00 Breakfast

8.00 – 9.00 Lectio Divina

9.00 – 10.00 Looking back at the most crucial problems in your country / place, how has the Church or other Non Government Organizations responded?

(Work in small groups)

10.00 Health break

10.30-12.00 Look at your own annual reports. How has the Center or the Institution you are representing responded to the crucial problems of our time?

In the light of the Plenary Assembly theme, look at the planning of the Center or Institution you are representing for this year. Would you like to make some adjustments?

(Work in small groups and plenum)

12.00 Lunch

2.00-4.00 The four pillars of our Biblical Pastoral Ministry are Study (ongoing), Spirituality, Apostolate and Community. Look at each pillar in the light of our theme and see what could be done in each area to enhance our Biblical Apostolate.

(Work in small groups)

4.00 Health break

4.30 – 6.00 Continue – (Plenum)

6.00 – 6,15 Silence. Preparation for the Eucharist

6.15 – 7.00 Eucharistic Celebration

7.00 Dinner

February 17, 2008


7.00 – 8.00 Breakfast

8.00 – 9.00 Lectio Divina

9.00 – 11.00 Planning

11.00 Concluding Eucharist

12.00 Lunch




See you in Cagayan De Oro.

In the Lord, yours Sr. Emma Gunanto, osu.











CBF-SEA BA Link 25

CBF-SEA BA Link 25

Dear brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Let me wish you a very blessed Christmas and a happy New Year. May the Word who became flesh like us, give us new fire to glow and spread his love to the entire world.

In this last link before Christmas, I want to forward a letter from the General Secretariat about the forthcoming Plenary Assembly. Hope you still can find time to read the letter with attachments. During the Christmas holiday also, maybe you could have a look at our website

and find your annual report on the page of the country you belong to, and see how you can update it to become your report about the year 2007.

Thank you so much. Yes, we have much homework, one more reason to thank the Lord, because we do not yet belong to the ‘jobless’.

With every good wish,

I remain yours in the Living Word,

Sr. Emma Gunanto


Letter from Claudia Grossman, CBF General Secretariat

Summoning of the Seventh Plenary Assembly of the CBF

Dear contact persons of the CBF member organizations,
Attached please find the letter by the CBF General Secretary of December 2007 with 9 enclosures referring to the Seventh Plenary Assembly which will take place in Tanzania from 24 June to 3 July 2008. The documents have already been sent to you by mail.

With my best wishes for a blessed Christmas season,

Claudia Grossmann

Catholic Biblical Federation
General Secretariat
Postfach 10 52 22
D-70045 Stuttgart

tel: +49(0)711-169240