resize-of-jesus-12.jpgMy dear friends,
Today,  March 26th, I got news that Remy my youngest brother, 55 years, passed away just before noon in a town in East Java. He has been suffering for a couple of weeks from pneumonia. He had been hospitalized and was released but had not fully recovered. When I phoned him he was feeling better, he said. This morning my two sisters and his twin brother in Jakarta phoned him and got news that he could not bear the pain anymore. At 11.30 Remy asked his wife and daughter to embrace him, and so he died, peacefully in their arms.jesus-14.jpg
I have fond memories of him when we were young. He loved me in his own special way. Two years ago he had a bad dream about me. Without delay he took the bus and traveled for 14 hours to reach me in Bandung. He was only too happy to see that I was sound and well. He suffered a lot in his life, but never showed it. He was so kind hearted and always thinking of others.
May the holy water of baptism poured over him in the name of the Trinity, and the death of our Lord for the salvation of all mankind, sanctify him and open the gates of heaven for him to be united for ever with our merciful Father.
Thank you for your prayers.
Yours in the Risen Lord,
Sr. Emma Gunanto, osu

CBF-SEA-BA Link 2008 No. 5

resize-of-jesus-12.jpgMy dear Friends in the Word,

I wish each one of you a fruitful Holy Week. As we contemplate the Suffering Servant who was oppressed and condemned, pierced for our offences and crushed for our sins, may Jesus give us the courage and perseverance to bear our own sufferings and pains. Our Lord does not want us to keep mourning over his death. “Was it not necessary that the Messiah should suffer these things and enter into his glory?” Yes, the Lord is risen indeed! So let us wish each other a glorious Easter. May our Lord raise us to new life, new hope, new élan in our ministry.

Most of us are jesus-13.jpgpreparing to take part in one of the biggest events in the life of the CBF, the 7th Plenary Assembly in Dar Es Salaam, June 23rd to July 3rd. Some can not participate because of the travel expenses or other reasons. I believe that ALL of us are committed in this world event by our prayers and whatever support or contribution we can give. I wish to thank you for your participation in the 5th CBF-SEA Workshop last February as a major preparation for our Plenary Assembly.

The future of our world (and planet) does not look very promising. But if we hold on to each other and to Christ our Savior, certainly the powerful Word we proclaim will bring about a new world, a new creation where there is reconciliation, justice and peace.

resize-of-jesus-14.jpgAfter Easter you may have more time to update all that is necessary for our CBF membership and even go beyond to make our sub region fully alive.

Our website https://cbfsea.wordpress.com is ours! Your contributions are most welcome!

Please send them to cbfsea@gmail.com or doms_ramos@yahoo.com

Yours in the Risen Lord,

Sr. Emma Gunanto, OSU.