CBF-SEA BA Link 2008 No. 17

CBF-SEA BA Link 2008 No. 17


 My dear Friends in the Word,

Here are two concrete ways we can help our brothers and sisters in Myanmar.


From: Archbishop Charles Bo

To: ambc

Sent: Saturday, June 07, 2008 11:08 AM

Subject: Re: Another message from Myanmar


Dear Sr. Emma,


Thanks for your concern and care for our people I deeply appreciate your love for our people here. I shall continue sending the situations here.


With our deep thanks

Charles Bo




From our friend:


Dear Sr. Emma,


There is a specific need presented to us by Sr. Sylvia, SFX – TABLETS – to purify water for drinking.

Seemingly, tablets of this kind were sold in the pharmacy but cannot be purchased now.  It is not known if this is out of stock or that being held for what purpose.  Wells cannot be constructed this time.  The affected areas are not yet safe to dig wells. 

Immediate need is tablet purifier.

How about considering this:


1.    Discuss this matter with Drug manufacturers.  Produce this kind of tablets good for 25 litters at the most of water since they don’t have big water tanks. Perhaps just use big plastic containers.  Am not sure what is the biggest plastic containers are available here.


2.  Discuss with Embassy personnels: to send these through their embassies

3. Upon arrival, send them to my office at CBCM. 292 (A) Pyay Road Sachaung, Yangon, Township, Myanmar. I will instruct Sr. Patricia, my staff to inform Archishop Charles and Bishop John of Pathein to collect them from my office.  This is to avoid complications if the tablets  landed at CBCM and nobody takes responsibility.


4.   For other Medical aids, I would like to suggest that the procedure is the same so that they will not go to wrong destinations.  I hope in this way, we can be sure that they reached the beneficiaries.






Thank you so much for all your prayers and love for our brothers and sisters in need.

 In the Lord,

yours Sr. Emma Gunanto, osu.