September 15, 2008

Sr. Emma Gunanto, osu

Sr. Emma Gunanto, osu

Five things you absolutely have to do on your Birthday, dear Sr. Emma and all you there who are celebrating or will be celebrating your birthday!

1. Don’t forget how important you are. This day has been marked on my calendar with enough circles and stars and happy feelings to help you light up the whole year!

2. Don’t ever say to yourself, “This birthday is no big deal; it’s just another day.” This is much more than just another day. Your birthday is everything a celebration should be, because it’s in honor of a very special person. And more so – it’s the CBF-South East Asia first anniversary! Remember we did the website on your birthday as our special birthday gift to you – our efficient and caring coordinator!

3. Don’t forget to do something nice for yourself. Something that will give you a smile – like the ones you always give to everyone else! Aduuu!

4. Don’t spend any part of this day worrying about major life decisions. Let the day be carefree. Let it be as happy as a carnival and as much fun as a kaleidoscope. Keep all your options open. (If you can’t decide between double dutch chocolate or carrot walnut cake … have them both!)

5. And don’t make just a little wish when you go to blow out the candles on your cake. Dream big! Have high hopes and happy wishes, and have faith that they’ll do their very best to come true… for one very wonderful person: YOU!

May your birthday be a beautiful one as we all pray for you!

(I borrowed these 5 things from Douglas Pagels but we mean it for you!)




Thank you to Fr. Doms Ramos, SVD who has been our efficient and artistic webmaster!

Thank you to all our south east asian members who are contributing to the articles on the website. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.

Thank you to all visitors who are sharing our activities, programs, and hopes for a better world and beautiful people who love and care for one another as children of God! And we believe that we can achieve all these with the power of the Word guiding us, inspiring us and uniting us!

For all that has been – many thanks and for all that will be – more power!

God bless us all !

– Star