CBF-SEA BA Link 2008 No.33



In Cagayan de Oro last February, we agreed to have the next workshop in September 2009 in Bangkok. Now there are other considerations. Some suggest to give it a wider scope: instead of SEA, have an ASIAN meeting and even include BIBA (Bishops’ Institute for the Biblical Apostolate). The time is set for September 2010 in BANGKOK. How do you like this idea? Why postpone it one year? Fr. Jacob Theckanath, BIBA’s secretary whom we consulted regarding this matter wrote the following:

jacob-emma1“… the DOCUMENT of the Synod should become the focus and without its publication a gathering of Bishops of the countries of Asia may not be very helpful. It is a valid point. Since the synod document might take more than one year (as it has been up to now), how do we plan the topics that would be of interest to the Bishops and the National Secretaries of the Episcopal Commissions on Biblical apostolate? These are some of the questions that make me feel that it is too early to get the Bishops of Asia ….

The more I think of a new Asian event, I think that the relationship to outcome of the Synod is very important. Our gathering -post synod – should contribute to the implementation of the orientations of the Synod from an Asian perspective and in our Asian context. The papers should bring out the interface between the Synod Vision and Orientation and our Asian response. That will be a contribution to the dioceses and countries, I hope…..”


So we wait one more year till September 2010 for the publication of the Synod Document. An important task is awaiting us: how to contribute to the implementation of the orientations of the Synod from an Asian perspective and in our Asian context….

Today is Thanksgiving’s day. Let us thank our Lord for having entrusted us with the biblical apostolate so dear to his Heart. Thank you Lord for the CBF, thank you for each of our friends in the CBF.


In the Lord,

yours Sr. Emma Gunanto, osu.

CBF-SEA BA Link 2008 No.32



My dear Friends in the Word, last Saturday, Nov 22, 2008, the Vatican announced the new bishop for Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia . He is our brother in the Biblical Apostolate Fr. Silvester San who participated in our CBFSEA Workshop in Cagayan de Oro City last February 11-17 this year, representing the Pastoral Center of Ende.


18silvester1Il Papa ha nominato Vescovo di Denpasar ( Indonesia ) il Rev.do Silvester San, del clero di Ende, Rettore del Seminario Maggiore di Ritapiret, Maumere. Rev.do Silvester San

 Il Rev.do Silvester San è nato il 14 agosto 1961 a Maupongo, arcidiocesi di Ende (Flores) da una famiglia cattolica di discendenza cinese. È entrato nel Seminario Minore di Mataloko e successivamente nel Seminario Maggiore “San Pietrodi Ritapiret per studi filosofici e teologici. È stato ordinato sacerdote per l’arcidiocesi di Ende il 29 giugno 1988.

Dopo l’ordinazione, ha ricoperto i seguenti incarichi: 1988-1991: Insegnante presso il Seminario Minore di Mataloko; 1991-1995: Studi di Laurea in Teologia Biblica presso l’Urbaniana, Roma, risiedendo presso il Pontificio Collegio S. Pietro; 1995-2005: Formatore presso il Seminario Maggiore di Ritapiret.

Dal 2005 è Rettore e Professore del Seminario Maggiore di Ritapiret.



 Congratulations, dear Bishop Silvester San. We thank our Lord for having chosen you to be the shepherd of his people in Bali. Our fervent prayers accompany and sustain you in this new task.


Ms Joy Candelario

Ms. Joy Candelario

November 2007: Fr. Oscar Alunday SVD and Ms Joy Candelario conducted 4 Basic Bibliodrama Workshops in Bandung, Jakarta and Surabaya .

 August 2008: Sr. Emma Gunanto gave an enrichment Seminar for Facilitators in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia .

October 2008: Fr. Oscar Alunday conducted a Basic Bibliodrama Workshop and strengthened the Biblical Apostolate at Sister Sobilin’s place

November 2008: Fr. Oscar Alunday conducted a Basic Bibliodrama Facilitators’ Workshop and a Basic Bibliodrama Workshop in Bandung, Indonesia .


Fr. Oscar Alunday, SVD

We thank Fr. Oscar Alunday for his untiring service, his patience and understanding, and inspiring zeal for the Word.

 We are looking forward to hear from you, your activities and networking.

 In the Lord,

yours Sr. Emma Gunanto, osu.