CBF-SEA BA Link 2008 No.36

CBF-SEA BA Link 2008 No.36


My dear friends in the Word, we are approaching Christmas and New Year. The year 2008 has almost come to a close – with 36 links … Hopefully they have linked us closer together.

The past week  I sent you 30 Synod propositions as they came to us from Zenit.  Fr. Ludger just informed me there are 55 in all. You will get the rest in the coming days until Dec 14. And the following will be Dec 23, because I will be away for my annual retreatFr. Doms will put them together in our Web.

Here is a Christmas present for all of us: a beautiful sharing from Star, and two reactions to the Synod propositions from Fr. Ludger and Sr. Miriam.

Estrella del Mar wrote:


Star in Dar Es Salaam

There are two warring fraternities in Cebu who are constantly at war and kill each other for years.  A number of their members on both sides have died already in their war.  The police authorities had apprehended them and after court proceedings, the offenders from both fraternities are now in jail.

The Prison Ministry regularly visit our jails and conduct a bible sharing to those who are willing to participate.  The two warring groups participate in these bible sharing sessions in jail.  Lo and Behold!  They were touched by the power of the Word and realized their sins and promised to reform their lives even in jail.  The two warring groups are now friends inside the jail.  The young people were interviewed by the TV newsmen in jail.  These young criminals, live on TV, said “We are very happy to have discovered the Word, know Jesus and try our best to reform.  We hope it is not too late to change and follow God’s Word.  We thank very much the people who came and brought the Bible to us and helped us read it and listen to God’s message.” (paraphrased from the Cebuano interview)

I almost cried listening to the short clips as part of the evening news.  But I had to hurry to go to Church or I would be late for the First Friday mass.  I thanked the prison ministers and I thanked the Lord for touching these young men’s lives.  And I realize more and more, the harvest is plenty but the laborers are few.  We need more people to bring God’s Word and be the living word to others.

pwgc2smtnI also hope and pray that we, in the ministry of the Word, do not kill each other in one way or another!
If those who had not heard the Word, who became hardened criminals, returned to the Lord and reconciled with their enemies when they encountered the Word – how much more for us, who have committed ourselves to Evangelization through Scriptures???  Perhaps we need to read again, listen again to what God is telling us.  Perhaps we need to be “imprisoned” and be alone with the Word in our hearts in order to hear what God is telling us!
God bless us and guide us!

Fr. Ludger wrote:


Fr. Ludger with Bishop Ablondi

Even though I am disappointed that CBF was mentioned only in connection with spreading the Bible – together with the Bible Societies – I think there is so much in the propositions that can legitimately be considered as fruit of the members of CBF. But more important than claiming paternity is the question: What do Federation members make out of the rich material of the Synod? Of course, the final document will be the post-synodal Apostolic Exhortation (or whatever it will be called) of the Holy Father. But we don’t have to wait for that. Already now we can gradually familiarize ourselves with the thinking and suggestions of the Synod.

Fr. Ludger’s challenging question “What do Federation members make out of the rich material of the Synod?” has been answered by Sr. Miriam. Thanks, dear Sister. We are looking forward to your paper.

Sister Miriam OSB:

Thank you so much for the updates.



You are truly God-sent; the materials you are sending me are helpful and useful for the conference I am preparing for the Religious Week in the Institute for Consecrated Life in Quezon City this January 24, 2009.  The topic assigned to me is “Jesus, the Living Word of God and the Prayer of the Religious Community.”

I will surely send you a copy…

In the Lord,

yours Sr. Emma Gunanto, osu.


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