CBF-SEA BA Link 2008-37

Merry Christmas and a Blissful New Year

to one and all….


Dear friends in the Word,

We wish each of you a joyful Christmas and a grace-filled New Year.

Yes, Christmas is JOY.

In the words of Pope Benedict XVI

on December 18th, 2005:

christmas“God is close to us,

so close that he made himself a child.

The incarnation is good news

for the world today,

where God is absent.

A world dominated by fear, uncertainty.

A dark world, in which many need anesthesia in order to live.

JOY is the true gift of Christmas,

and not the expensive gifts

that cost time and money.

And joy we can express in simple ways, with a smile, a gesture, with helping out a little, with an act of forgiveness.”

merry-christmasSo this is our prayer for you and for all of us:

May the Joy of the Lord fill our hearts to the brim,

and may we radiate that joy to the world,

so all may know that Christ is the Savior of all mankind.

Your Trio CBF-SEA Coordinators’team:

Emma, Doms, Star


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