Biblical Pastoral Training

For a Renewed Mission of the Word

January 4 – April 2, 2010

Biblical formation is an important means of educating people in the faith and equipping them in the task of proclamation (cf. Ecclesia in Aisa, #22)

In response to the need of the local churches for pastorally oriented courses on the Bible, this training program is designed for all animators in the biblical pastoral ministry.

It’s purpose:

– to provide a deeper understanding of Scripture

– to train participants in various methods of proclaiming the Word

– to help participants to apply biblical teaching to the complex realities of life in Asia and Oceania

– to provide opportunities to share home-grown wisdom resources and various methods of pastoral ministry.

The training program covers:

– Personal spiritual formation and renewal

– Updating knowledge of the Bible through modules on recent developments in biblical hermeneutics and the Church’s understanding of the Word of God.

– Pastoral skills for facilitating Bible Sharing, proclaiming the Word, bibliodrama, utilizing media, and using the Word in community building

– Training in developing simple biblical-pastoral programs/resources for small communities in the use of pedagogical methods to communicate the Word in different cultural and pastoral contexts.

The training program is conducted in collaboration with the South East Asian sub-region of the Catholic Biblical Federation.

Cost:  US$2,880.00 (Tuition + board and lodging)

For Particulars Kindly e-mail to:

Sr. Emma Gunanto: <>

Star del Mar: <>

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