The Catechetical Center of Bangkok


Catechetical Center of Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand


Rev. Paolo Ekkarat Homprathum


Ms Tadsanee Mathurotsuwan

Character: Catechetical Center charged by the Archdiocese
Contact person: Rev. Paolo Ekkarat Homprathum
Secretary: Ms Tadsanee Mathurotsuwan
Postal address: 57 Oriental Ave, Bangkok 10500, Thailand


1. Formation of Catechists
1.1 Teaching the student-catechists at Saengtham College, Sampran, with 77 students.
1.2 Teaching at National Catechetical Center Summer Course march 15 – April 24,    with 146 students.

1.3 Formation of 69 Catechist in school May 29-30, June 18-19, 2010 at Pastoral Center

STUDENT-CATECHISTS at Saengtham College, Sampran

National Catechetical Center Summer Course march 15 – April 24





2.Teaching Religious Education
2.1 Bible Camp during Oct 16-18, 2010

2.2 Sunday schools in 3 Parishes with 80 children

2.3 RCIA we teach some 20-30 young and adults who like to be Catholic Sunday at Assumption Cathedral                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               2.4 Bible Study Course on Saturday morning July 10 – September 25 at Catholic Center in Bangkok: Topic the Old Testament “Prophet: Isaiah, Jeremiah Ezekiel”

Sunday schools in 3 Parishes 80 children





3. For Students

3.1 Promoting in our Catholic Schools to read the 4 Gospels for 3700 students.

3.2 Promoting the Bible Study in Correspondence for 3097 persons.

3.3 We organize Saengtham Bible Contest on December 1, 2010 at Saengtham College (Major Seminary) at Sampran.

We intend for 100 teams (200 students) from different schools. The topic is on the 4 Gospels.

3.4 We have Catechetical and Bible Mobile Team go to our schools during January to June. There were 873 participants


4. For Young people

4.1 Youth Ministry on the Word on June 10, 2010. There were 100 participants.

4.2 We Love Bible Programme is promoted during October to December. There were 100 participants.


5. Printing/Publications

5.1 Booklets on My Bible were published 6000 copies to help our students read the Gospels, with Question-Answer on the theme for 6000 copies.

5.2 Making Questions to test students 3700 copies. We base on the Gospels to test our students in November.

5.3 Copy Print; the Old Testament “Prophet: Isaiah, Jeremiah Ezekiel” 200 copies



6. VCD on Bible

6.1  We translated DVD for 2 episodes into Thai on “People who met

Jesus series 1 and 2”

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