My dear friends in the WORD,

thank and praise the Lord with me

on January 27th, 2011

for allowing me to serve Him

in the Order of St. Ursula for 50 years.

A thanksgiving Mass will be offered

in our Chapel in Bandung at 5.00 p.m.

You are all very welcome.

At least, I trust you will be there with your prayers.

For indeed, great is the LORD’s  love for us,

He is faithful forever (Ps 117:2)

Sr. Emma Gunanto, OSU




How does it feel to be 50 years in the religious life and community?

She came to the convent on a tricycle.  Now she has been going around the world on a jet plane!  The in-betweens must have been a colorful mixture of highs and lows, of pains and joys, of excitement and anxieties, of miracles and doubts, of amazements and un-beliefs … How did the 50 years go?  Only Sr. Emma can tell.

Her name is Emmanuel – God with us!  And it is just fitting that this is the theme of her golden jubilee.  Truly God is with us through people.  Jesus is experienced in the love, generosity, forgiveness, mercy, and patience from others.  Sr. Emma has been Jesus to us in many ways but more so as a woman of peace.  She only wants everyone to love each other, to be at peace with one another and make the world a better place to live in everyday – for the Kingdom to come in our midst!  She is a wonderful friend!  However, she often forgets to be Jesus to herself.  She often deprives herself of many things including basic things as food.  Sr. Emma, please do not fast on your jubilee celebration!

Sr. Emma, congratulations on your 50 years!  Thanks be to God that you survived the challenges of religious life for 50 years and still counting.  Thanks to those who made life difficult for you since they made you stronger and more faithful. Thanks to your loyal friends who truly love you and respect you since they inspire you to be a better and loving religious sister and friend.  Thanks to you who have been a true friend and family for us in the Catholic Biblical Federation!  The Word unites us all over the world and the Word made flesh is in people like you!

Happy …Happy Anniversary our dear Sister Emma G.!  May you find more beautiful years ahead!  God bless you abundantly as He thanks you for your loyal service the last 50 years and even before religious life!



Star Cecil Doms Oscar Jacob Ambo Ludger Wim … et al.


The CBF-SEA Greets Everyone A Happy New Year!

New Year Myspace Comments

by Fr Victor Hoagland, C.P.

We gather to commit the New Year and its mysteries to God.

The leader may begin:

The new year, like a new born child, is placed in our hands as the old year passes away. The days and weeks to come are God’s gift; they carry God’s blessing. As a blessing we welcome them. Our hope for the year ending is that all that was good in it remain with us an all that was harmful be left behind.

Listen to a Reading from the Book of Genesis:

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.
The earth was a vast waste,
darkness covered the deep,
and the spirit of God
hovered over the surface of the water.
God said: “Let there be light,”
and there was light;
and God saw the light was good,
and he separated the light from darkness.
He called the light day,
and the darkness night.
So evening came, and morning came;
it was the first day.
Genesis 1;1-5

Then all pray:

Bless us, O Lord, and bless the time and seasons
yet to come.
Teach us to number our days aright,
that we may gain wisdom of heart.
And fill this new year with your kindness,
that we may be glad and rejoice
all the days of our life.

Happy New Year

New Year Myspace Comments