Lunar New Year 2012 …Wishes and Prayers!

Wishing you a very happy 

and prosperous Lunar New Year!

The Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year 

marks the end of Winter and the beginning of Lent.

Mother Nature awakes from her long sleep, 

and the farmers rejoice because they can start planting 

rice (in southern China) and grain (in northern China)

For us, “biblical people” this is an occasion 

to thank and praise the Lord for his loving care, 

for providing us with all our needs during the past year.

As we celebrate this day with joy, we also pray humbly,

“Father, give us, all the people in the world, 

every day during 2012 our daily bread.

Let none of your children die of starvation. 

For all of us, let this year be a year of favor 

from you, o Lord (cfr Is 61:2)

Sr. Emma, 

Fr. Doms and

Ms. Star