The pains and torture that Jesus suffered on Good Friday are finished.   He has risen from the dead and lived.  He promised to be with us till the end of time.

Jesus’ mission of salvation is accomplished by his life, passion and death on the cross.  We are saved!  And yet, He is waiting for our part.  Can we die to sin and live in God’s grace?  And yet, we continue to sin, fall and ask pardon again and again.  And again and again, we are forgiven by the unconditional love of God.  When can we truly love?

It is not easy to love as God loves.  It is not easy to forgive as God forgives.  It is not easy to suffer as Jesus suffered.  And yet, his suffering gives meaning to our own suffering.  People make us suffer.  We, ourselves, are contributing to our own suffering.  It’s a complicated world.  Our being and becoming are so complicated. We need to understand our family, ourselves and others that have become part of our growing up.  We need to understand the ways of the world and the ways of Jesus.  It is our decision and choice which way to follow.

Are we ready for our own resurrection?  Easter is waiting!  It is here!

Let us count the times we have overcome our pains and problems.  Let us count the blessings that God has given us.  Let us count the joys that were ours in our celebrations of life.  Let us remember the love of family and friends and what they had done to help us in small and big ways.  Let us be grateful for little successes and realized dreams.  Let us be grateful for the goals still to be achieved, hopes to look forward to, and challenges to face.  These make our life exciting!  We live the best for today and we look forward to tomorrow!  God is in our yesterdays, our today and our tomorrow!  God is with us day by day!


Ms. Star

Sr. Emma

Fr. Doms

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