Bible Seminar in Kompong Cham

Just after Easter, a Bible seminar took place in Kompong Cham. Prepared for all the new baptized of 2011 and 2012, this seminar, first of its kind, allowed them to learn how to use and read the Holy Bible. During three days, about 60 youths from the Diocese of Kompong Cham attended various conferences animated by the inter-diocesan Bible committee directed by Bishop Antonysamy.

The program of this seminar was build in order to be accessible to everyone, but also to give few but deep keys for the reading of the Bible. After learning how to locate the different books in the Bible, the youth met in groups to discuss about the meaning and the importance of the Word of God in their day-to-day life.

Combining conferences, sharing, and prayer times, this seminar was the opportunity for every new baptized to feel part of the Universal Church. Fr. Vincent, coordinator of the committee, explained to the youth that those who wish it and register would receive every week a sms giving the reference of a biblical text to read and think about.

At the closing mass, Bishop Antonysamy gave to every youth a copy of the Holy Bible that they can bring to their home. Next Bible Seminar will take place in June 16th to 18th for the Diocese of Phnom Penh.

Fr. Vincent Senechal

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