Introducing the Logo of the 6th CBF-SEA Workshop

6th CBF-SEA Workshop

Bandung, Indonesia

August 6-10, 2012



Verbum Domini, the Word of the Lord is for us engraved in the Holy Book, the Sacred Scriptures which always gets a prominent place in our churches, homes, and above all, in our hearts.

The world is our planet earth. The workshop is for South East Asia as partly seen on the logo. The focus is on West Java with the yellow color. Bandung, the venue is situated there.

The figure on the left depicts the “RESI” priest or holy man in the Mahabarata or Ramayana story. The “wayang” is a very old tradition from Hindu times. It is performed by people or by puppets made of clay or leather. The figure here is made of leather. The arms are moveable by sticks, controlled by the puppeteer, one who tells the story.

The Resi brings us to prayer, to worship, to communication with God.

The Word invites us first of all to listen to the Word in prayer.

The boy on the left is playing the angklung, a traditional bamboo instrument. It brings us to everyday life where the Word has to take root, become flesh and bones, speak to us in joy and sorrow, in sickness and in health.

And so we gather as Catholic Biblical Federation South East Asia to live and share the Word and together build God’s Kingdom on earth, a Kingdom of Peace and Harmony, of Justice and Love.

Welcome to Bandung!

Sr. Emma Gunanto, OSU