Dear Participants of the 6th CBF-SEA Workshop,

You see, coming together for Workshops, is not just listening to lectures and making plans.  It’s basically celebrating FRIENDSHIP IN THE WORD!  It’s celebrating our unity as South East Asian People who care for each other and willing to help one another.  It’s also celebrating our CULTURES to appreciate how beautiful people are everywhere and how beautiful the good Lord created all of us!  Our gifts, our talents, our uniqueness, our beautiful countries are all God’s gifts.  And we CELEBRATE SUCH GIFTS!  Isn’t that nice?!  

So it is very appropriate that we include in our program, presenting our cultural heritage, our hospitality, our generosity, our love to our FRIENDS!  YES, our Workshops are CELEBRATIONS – CELEBRATION OF THE WORD, Celebration of LIFE, Celebration of FRIENDSHIP.  Isn’t this the prayer of the Father?  – “That they may all be ONE!”

And I celebrate with you at a distance.  My spirit is with you!
Please give my greetings to all our friends.  I miss them all.  Hope I will be able to come for our next gathering.

Have a fruitful workshop.  The questions I prepared are quite difficult but we have to search for the answers to find our direction and our purpose in our ministry.  God needs us to help him in His plan of salvation.  Sometimes the greatest challenge is right in our midst !  And the most difficult challenge is to work on the SELF!

God bless you all !


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