He Is Risen! Happy Easter!


Happy Easter 2

Dear Friends in the Word,
Wishing you a happy and glorious Easter.
May our Risen Lord grant us
an ever greater love and fervor
to live and proclaim the Word of life
to our suffering people today.
United with you in the service of the Word, 
Emma Gunanto, osu.

 Happy Easter 4

CBF-SEA Welcomes Pope Francis

Southeast Asia Subregion

Welcomes Pope Francis

 Pope Francis-2

Beloved Pope Francis

With great joy and enthusiasm we welcome you

as the new Vicar of Christ.

The Holy Spirit has indeed appointed the right person

pleasing to God’s Heart

to proclaim the good news the the poor in our days,

peace to people who hunger for power,

love and protection for nature to our consumeristic world.

Within a very short time, less than a week,

you have set an example for us

how to proclaim the Word in word and deed,

in a very simple and humble way,

touching people’s hearts deeply and moving to conversion.

We ask you humbly to pray for us as we do for you

and to bless us, members of the Catholic Biblical Federation

Southeast Asia sub-region,

lay men and women, religious men and women,

priests and bishops

committed to serve the Word

in Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei,

Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia.