A Blessed Pentecost …

Come Holy Spirit…

Renew the Face of the Earth!

Pentecost Sunday

Dear Friends in the Word,

Today the Church is born through the Holy Spirit.

Have a blessed and fruitful Pentecost!

Let us invoke the Holy Spirit every day,

that he may open our hearts for the Word of God,

for everything that is good and for the beauty of God.


Come Holy SpiritThis is Pope Francis’ message when he talked 

about “the Work of the Holy Spirit”:

 “One isn’t a Christian ‘part time’, at certain moments,

in certain circumstances, in some choices.

One is a Christian at all times!  Totally!

The truth of Christ, which the Holy Spirit teaches us and gives us,

forever and totally affects our daily lives.

Let us invoke him more often so that he may guide us on the road of the disciples of Christ. 

I make this proposal to you:

let us invoke the Holy Spirit every day,

thus the Holy Spirit will draw us close to Jesus Christ.

The CBF-Southeast Asia Coordinating Team

with Sr. Emma Gunanto, OSU

Ms. Star of CLFC

Doms, SVD