National Seminar Workshop in Myanmar

National Seminar Workshop

 The Episcopal Commission for the Biblical Apostolate Myanmar


The Episcopal Commission for the Biblical Apostolate in Myanmar will be having their National Seminar Workshop soon and we assure them of our full support and prayers as we journey with them in their quest for peace and harmony as a people. BA Myanmar is a full member and we share to you their concerns as our brother, the national coordinator writes:

“We are going to have our National Seminar Workshop for building peace in the light of the Bible on July 6- 12, 2013. We need peace and harmony in the country among different religions and ethnic groups. The aim of the Seminar is to find some solutions for peace.

This is also our regular national meeting held every six months for all those who are active in biblical ministry to encourage one another, especially  because our ministry is still very young.  We expect more than 80 participants from different dioceses. But we have no funds and there is no response from the KIM yet. It is difficult to get local support too. We do not have other ways and means.

 peace 2The participants come from very far places. It is difficult for them even to pay for their own traveling expenses. I will have to go about 400 miles to reach the place too. The roads are still bad in many areas. Traveling is still difficult for mountaineers although better compared to before. There is little possibility to get support from our group. I have to choose a convent for our venue.  Anyhow I trust in God and his providence. Kindly keep us in your prayer.

 We recently produced a new album in Burmese with biblical songs, mainly for seminars. Thanks be to God!”

 The Catholic Biblical Federation then of Southeast Asia unites with those who will be attending during this historic event organized by the Episcopal Commission for the Biblical Apostolate of Myanmar. We will be with you in spirit and in prayer in your pilgrim journey towards peace and harmony inspired by the Word of God.


– the coordinating team of CBF-SEA


2 Responses

  1. I am very grateful to CBF SEA members for your kind contribution for the Biblical Pastoral Ministry in Myanmar. We will remember you in our prayer. May the Good Lord bless you all!

  2. Thank you and God Bless you.

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