CBF-SEA In Solidarity with the Suffering People in the Philippines

CBF-SEA In Solidarity with the

Suffering People in the Philippines 

More than 11 million people have been affected by Super Typhoon Haiyan which struck on Friday 8th November with gusts of up to 250kmh. After hitting Leyte and Samar coastal provinces with 18ft high storm surges, Typhoon Haiyan struck six central Philippine islands and affected 40 cities, notably Tacloban, which is 95 percent destroyed. In Cebu, another badly-affected area, 80% of communities were flattened to the ground including schools, churches and sports halls. Most of the buildings have collapsed.yolanda-tacloban-victims-1111

Yolanda-1The mega storm is reported to have left more than 673,000 people displaced and caused up to 95% devastation in worst affected areas such as the city of Tacloban. At least 10,000 people are feared dead as a result of what is being described as one of the most powerful storms on record. The devastation was worse than reported – with many more provinces and small islands affected than recorded in the media.

Many people are crying for help but the magnitude of the calamity is so huge that the government finds it difficult to reach those affected. People are desperate. Many are looking for their relatives and so many have lost their lives. The greatest needs are food and clean water. To help Aid to the Church in Need’s work in the Philippines, contact 020 8642 8668 or visit www.acnuk.org/donate

We are deeply saddened and offer our prayers for the victims and whatever help we can give.


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