In Memoriam: Fr. Paul Puthanagady, SDB


Fr. Paul Puthanagady, SDB

rest in peaceThe good Lord called our dear friend of the Word, Fr. Paul Puthanagady SDB (aged 79), to eternal rest on 14 November 2013. Fr. Paul was the second director of NBCLC (National Biblical Catechetical Liturgical Centre) of India, a founding member of the CBF. He served in the dual role of CBF EC member and subregional coordinator of South Asia from 1984 to 1990. He served as the head of the drafting committee of the final statement for the IV CBF Plenary Assembly 1990 on “The Bible in the New Evangelization” – a very well-articulated document, praised by many, that is still relevant for today as we are going to further reflect on “Renewed Biblical Apostolate for New Evangelization” in Pattaya in December.

Relating to “CBF 35 Years” he shared the following: “I wish and pray that CBF may continue to keep alive its mission of “hearing the Word” in the world constantly widening its horizon in genuine openness and dialogue with the men and women of our times. I believe that if the Word of God, while keeping its moorings and roots in the book of the Bible, could come out of the book and meet the people of today, confronting the bad news of the world in which they live, making it become the Good News to all men and women in every sphere of their lives, it will become a source of new life for all peoples.”

While we are working towards the “new birth of new CBF”, Paul’s expression of his hopes and expectations for the CBF in future will surely offer inspiration.

May he rest in eternal peace.

Source: Cecilia Chui

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