Good Friday and Easter

(A poem by Ulil Abshara Abdala, a Nahdatul Ulama scholar)

– translated by Widiyanti – 


He who collapsed on the lap of the holy virgin,

rose after three days against death.

He who was weak, gave hope to the hopeless.

He who was completely weak, his body bore our sufferings.

He who was completely weak, his suffering conquered the kings of this world.

He who fell in love with the morning, was cruelly scourged.

He who looked up to the sacred sky, was swathed in scarlet cloth:

Love me !


They fight about who died on the wooden cross.

I am not interested in debating theologians.

I am more touched by the blood that flowed.

When I feel proud of my faith,

that suffering body lying on the wood, keeps reminding me:

Even He suffered, together with the humiliated.


My Muhammad, your Jesus, your Krisna, your Buddha, your Confucius –

they are all my teachers,

who teach me about the wide world, and about love.


Your disease, o believers:

You are complacent, arrogant, proud like peacocks,

you are judgmental!


The body pouring blood on the wooden cross, is not a peacock.

He teaches us about love, for those who are astray and humiliated.

Suffering sometimes teaches you about humble faith.

The letters in scripture often make you feel the greatest saint.


Yes, your Jesus is also my Jesus.

He has redeemed me from a proud and arrogant faith.

He has made me love the humiliated.

May all live happily in God’s love.

– o0o –

Easter 2014

To all our sisters, brothers and collaborators

in Southeast Asia and the whole world…

A blessed Easter to you!

Sr. Emma W. Gunanto, OSU

Ms. Star C. del Mar, CLFC

Fr. Doms O. Ramos, SVD