Happy Birthday Sister Emma!

CBF-SEA Celebrates the 77th Birthday

of Our Beloved Sub-regional Coordinator

Sr. Emma Gunanto, OSU

Happy birthday our beloved Sister Emma

Happy birthday our beloved Sister Emma – Young at Heart Forever


She is a jolly good Sister which nobody can deny!

She is a jolly good Sister which nobody can deny!


We love you Sister Emma!

You are the best sub-regional coordinator

in the world and we are proud of you!


turned 7 years old today!

Dear friends in the Word,
Peace and joy in the Risen Lord!
Recently I celebrated my 70th birthday, and got a very precious gift from Fr. Doms Ramos and Star del Mar which benefits all of us, CBF-SEA.
We now have a WEBSITE! Our dream has come true! Imagine all the things that we can do together, share our passion for the Word, our ideas, our common efforts, our preparations for the Plenary Assembly, which is less than one year from now: June 24 – July 3, 2008 in Dar es Salam, Tanzania with the theme: “WORD OF GOD, SOURCE OF RECONCILIATION, JUSTICE AND PEACE”, supplemented by the biblical motto: “WE SHALL BE AMBASSADORS OF CHRIST”!
We certainly won’t forget to give our reactions to LINEAMENTA, for those who are still working on it.
Fr. Doms and Star have initiated our website, https://cbfsea.wordpress.com/ and we are infinitely grateful to them. It’s now for us to complete it and make it really alive, for it is OURS.
We will still use our LINK for short messages and informations.
Thanks for your participation!
Long live CBF-SEA!
Yours in the Living Word,
Sr. Emma Gunanto, osu.


The Liturgy of the Hours of Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam

The Liturgy of the Hours of Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam

CBF member since 1995

By: Estrella (Star) del Mar


Fr. Pascal Paschal Nguyen Ngoc Tinh, OFM, the head of The Liturgy of the Hours Group, sent me a welcoming invitation even before I left for Thailand and Myanmar.  Margaret Nguyen Thi Hong Sen sent me welcoming emails to her house and Fr. Joseph Tran Hoa Hung, SDB duplicated the warm welcome to Viet Nam.  I was so excited to meet the people who compose the Liturgy of the Hours Group and to see Viet Nam, its people and the Catholic Church there.

Fr. Joseph Tran Hoa Hung, SDB often represented the Liturgy of the Hours Group in the CBF workshops, assemblies and meetings.  When I asked him what the Liturgy group is doing, he answered me “Bible Translation”.

The Liturgy of the Hours Group is composed of priests, sisters and laymen who are all Catholics working on translating the Bible and the Liturgy of the Hours book in Vietnamese. They are also publishing the Lectionary in Vietnamese. They got financial help from the United Bible Societies.

Liturgy of the Hours Group-1

These are the members of the Liturgy of the Hours Group:

The pioneers are these first four who started the LHG in 1971: Fr. Pascal Nguyen Ngoc Tinh, OFM, Fr. Albert Tran Phuc Nhan who died in June 2014, Fr. Andrew Do Xuan Que, OP and Fr. Xuan Ly Bang who served until 1975 only.  Of the pioneers, Fr. Pascal and Fr. Andrew are still active members until now.

Liturgy of the Hours Group-2

The Postulants joining the group are the following:

Sr. Agnes Nguyen Thi Canh Tuyết  (2008) ;  Matthew Vu Van Luong, OP    (2010) ; Peter Tran Hung Vinh Quang, OP (2012); Peter Nguyen Tuan Hoan (Lay)  (2013); Paul Nguyen Quang Thanh  (2014)

Liturgy of the Hours Group-3

I am very grateful for their warm hospitality.  I was enriched and inspired by the sharing. I enjoyed the welcome lunch and the despedida lunch with the group.  The group does not only love their work but more so, they enjoy each other’s company and share a friendship that is strengthened by the Word through the years.

Liturgy of the Hours Group-4

Liturgy of the Hours Group-5