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  1. Can I buy a Catholic Thai language bible from your organization? I am having trouble finding a Catholic Bible in the Thai language for my wife of 37 years. We live in the United States and will pay for all cost for handling and mailing the bible.

    Thank you & God bless you and the Catholic Church

  2. thank you for the information in this page.
    May I know of the correct email address
    of Ms. Tadsanee Mathurotsuwan?
    my email add is:
    Thank you.

  3. Where can I find Thai religious education text, Bibles and Prayerbooks? I have parishioner who is from Bankok married to an American and she wishes to
    take instructions in the Catholic Faith? Are such items available in the United States?

    Father Clifford Stevens
    Boys Town, Nebraska

    • Thank you for your reply. I wil be waiting for any information you can give me.

      Father Clifford Stevens
      Boys Town, Nebraska

      • Father Stevens
        I am not sure your address, that I can send some book to you. So please confirm your address again.So I ask my director about the Thai religious education text, etc. He said to me to prepare some book and send to you.
        And I would like to know e-mail of Thai people that she would like to take instructions in the Catholic Faith. later we can help her more in Thai language, ok. Thank you. /Tadsanee

  4. Dear Father Clifford Stevens
    First of all, I would like to say I am sorry that I didn’t open this website for along time. So I can help you, you can find Thai Religious Education text, Bibles and prayerbooks only in Thailand . So please write your address and I will send these books to you. ok
    my E-mail :
    God bless you, Tadsanee Mathurotsuwan
    Bangkok , Thailand

  5. Dear Father Clifford Stevens,

    I praise and thank God for leading me to this website. I live in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. My late mom is Thai and moved here 60 years ago. I would like to learn more about Thai language thru Bible, songs and prayer. I could not contact my relative in Ratchaburi and I never been to Thailand, I am looking forward to buy Thai Catholic Bible, Hymn book, Sunday missal, Thai-Eng-Thai dictionary with large character prints etc. I hope someone can help me and I’ll pay all expensives.
    ผมบังคิดถึงเมือวไืืทย วันนึงผมจะกลับมา
    คบพระคุณคุณพ่อSteven ขอพระเจ้่าทรงอวยพรทุกท่าน
    Alex Voo

  6. hello good day!

    where can I able to buy Catholic bible here in Bangkok.. Thanks!

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