The Southeast Asia Subregion of the Catholic Biblical Federation. The following data comes from our mother website: http://c-b-f.org


The Catholic Biblical Federation (CBF) is a Catholic world fellowship of administratively distinct international and local organizations committed to the biblical-pastoral ministry, created to carry out the recommendations of the II Vatican Council concerning the Bible. The Federation´s aim is to be of service to the Bishops in the fulfillment of their responsibility to proclaim the Word of God to all the faithful. Any Catholic organization engaged in the biblical-pastoral ministry and enjoying ecclesiastical recognition is eligible for membership.

The Catholic Biblical Federation is represented in 129 countries by 92 Full Members and 234 Associate Members.




Subregional Coordinator Sr. Emmanuel (“Emma”) Gunanto, osu
Directress of Angela Merici Biblical Center, Bandung, Indonesia (Associate Member)
Sr. Emma has been serving as Subregional Coordinator since 1996. Her term of office, as determined by the Executice Committee, continues till the next Plenary Assembly in 2008.


Regional and subregional structures were already discussed during the Malta Plenary Assembly (1978). The Final Statement of the Bangalore Plenary Assembly (1984) recommended to consider the creation of subcontinental and subregional structures with a coordinator in each zone and to organize regular meetings at these levels for CBF members and others engaged in the biblical apostolate. However, the function of subregional coordinators did not become official till the Bogotá Plenary Assembly (1990) even though the Southeast Asia Subregion had a subregional coordinator during the period 1984-1990. The Constitution, as amended during the Bogotá Plenary Assembly officially recognizes the structuring of regions and subregions (Art. IX) and defined the roles of regional and subregional coordinators (Art. X.2).

Southeast Asia

The Southeast Asia Subregion belongs, together with South Asia (Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka), Northeast Asia (Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Macau, Taiwan) and Oceania (Australia, Fiji, French Polynesia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Tonga), to the CBF region of Asia/Oceania. The following countries are members of the to Southeast Asia Subregion:Cambodia (1 Full Member)
Indonesia (1 Full Member, 4 Associate Members)
Malaysia (1 Full Member, 1 Associate Member)
Myanmar (1 Full Member)
Philippines (1 Full Member, 11 Associate Members)
Thailand (1 Full Member, 1 Associate Member)
Vietnam (1 Full Member, 1 Associate Member)

For more information about the member institutions, cf. Members in Southeast Asia, Membership Info.


Priorities 2002-2008

1. To hold a meeting for the subregion (Fourth Southeast Asian Workshop).

2. To propose that a program on biblical pastoral ministry be introduced into the seminary curriculum (where it does not exist yet).

3. To determine and propose the structural back-up necessary to link the Bishops´ Conferences with the CBF.

4. To familiarize ourselves with the contents of the sacred books of the other religions in Asia (e.g. Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism etc.), in view of interreligious dialogue.

5. To get to know one another´s problems in carrying out the biblical apostolate and to determine and devise ways of helping one another.

6. To continue with our manifold efforts in the field of the biblical apostolate (publication of a Catholic version of the Bible in Burmese and Thai, Bible formation for the laity, preparation and publication of easily understandable materials etc.).




2 Responses

  1. i m nosheen in pakistan i m working for christain young domastic girls and woman for bible study.

  2. peace be with you!
    I am from Ormoc City and had been teaching for two years in St. Peter’s College of Ormoc a Benedictine School. I am one of the members of the lector’s ministry in our parish and was a catechist also when I was in my college years..just recently I met Jury Ceballos one of my classmates in a particular subject during our college time..He told me the graces he just received in this mother of life institution. I was really struck how blessed this institution. He let me took the exam last April 19…hopefully I can pass…God is so good that He let someone be an instrument of every thing He wants me to do in life to glorify His name by serving people who are in need…

    God really cares to each of us!

    More Power! God bless and you all!

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