Remembering +Fr. Francis Xavier Vu Phan Long, OFM


+Fr. Francis Xavier Vu Phan Long, OFM

Fr. F.X. Vhu Phan Long, OFM

Fr. F.X. Vhu Phan Long, OFM

We sadly convey to you that our friend +Fr. F.X. Vu Phan Long, OFM (66); born on August 21, 1951 in Ninh Binh Province, Vietnam  has gone back to the Almighty at 22:30 Friday, October 13 of this year 2017 at Hochiminh City after 45 years of his religious profession and 40 years of priesthood.

He had been sick with lung cancer since 2015 or even earlier. But he survived till after the SEA Workshop that he coordinated and prepared in Nha Trang. And he was even present in the first 3 days in spite of his weakening body. We truly appreciate him. We recalled our togetherness in CBF Plenary assemblies, Asian Workshops and our SEA workshops through the years!

+Fr. F.X. Vu Phan Long, OFM was official representative of the Catholic Bishops Conference of Vietnam until he died.

Sr. Emma

Ms. Star

Fr. Doms


Fr. F.X. Vu Phan Long, OFM


October 14, 2017

Dear Sister Emma,

Dear STAR,

Dear Fr. Doms,

I am very sorrowful to inform you that our dear friend, Fr. Francis Xavier Phan Long, OFM has passed away last night. The Funeral Mass will be celebrated on next Monday morning, at 8:00 in the Franciscan Theologate, Hochiminh City.

Let’s pray for Fr. Phan Long. May our Loving Father welcome him into the Kingdom of Heaven and give him eternal rest in peace.

In The Word,

Hoa Hung SDB

October 15, 2017

Dear Fr. JM. Joa Hung

Greetings in the Word!

I was really saddened about your news on the demise of our dear friend Fr. Francis Xavier Phan Long, OFM. I see again the picture we had with him in Nha Trang. We were all happy seeing each other again with him. It was the last picture then with him. Our last memory of his presence with us. Yes, I pray that the Lord will open the gates of heaven for him that he will finally experience eternal joy and happiness with the Lord. Amen.

Praying for him,

Fr. Doms, SVD


Happy 80th Birthday Sister Emma

Sister Emma Turns 80 Today

Easter Greetings 2016!


Sr. Theresine Valencia Dingal, SFIC

Sr. Theresine Valencia Dingal, SFIC

October 24, 1942 – January 5, 2016

Theresine rest in peace

We pray for the soul of Sr. Theresine Valencia Dingal, SFIC founder of the Constant Jurgens Biblical Center of the Franciscan Congregation, associate member of the Catholic Biblical Federation – Southeast Asia. Sister Theresine passed away last night at 7:56 (Manila Time), January 5, 2016 at the age of 73. At this writing, the wake is at La Verna 2 Chapel, St. Joseph College, Quezon City, Philippines. Funeral Mass is scheduled this coming January 9, 2016 at 8:00 o’clock in the morning at the said chapel and address.

May the Lord open the gates of heaven for Sr. Theresine and reward her of eternal happiness promised to those who are faithful to Him. May she rest in peace. Amen.


Grace-filled Christmas and New Year!


Grace-filled Christmas and New Year!

Dear CBFSEA Brothers and Sisters,

Wishing each one of you

a blessed and grace-filled

Christmas and New year.

As we contemplate baby Jesus,

God’s greatest gift to mankind,

let us remember also that this tiny Baby

is the future KING of the KINGDOM of GOD;

a mighty warrior who will triumph

over all the evil in the world,

the LAMB of God who takes away

all the sins of the world;

the GOOD SHEPHERD who seeks and saves the lost,

heals the sick and comforts crushed hearts.

Let us therefore REJOICE,

for God is good and merciful.

And may this Divine Babe set our hearts afire

to shower love and mercy to all we meet.

Merry Christmas to all of you

and your loved ones….

and a blissful New Year too!

Sr. Emma with Star and Fr. Doms



Happy New Year 2015!

Happy New Year 2015!

Happy New Year hd wallpaper 2015

Our sincere wishes and prayers

for you for this New Year 2015:

May God use your life as an instrument

and be like a brilliant fire to lighten up the world…

May your daily words and ordinary deeds

make others feel God’s presence…

May your acts of kindness

help others come closer to God

and allow them to thank Him for His love.

A happy, blissful and prosperous New Year 2015

to you and your loved ones!


Sr. Emma, Star del Mar and Fr. Doms

Happy New Year - 2zxDa-LsMY - normal


National Bible Workshop in Myanmar

Myanmar: National Bible Workshop 2014

Myanmar seminar

Dear Friends in the Word,

This is an information that we are going to have a National Bible Seminar/Workshop with the theme: “Biblical Pastoral Ministry in the Light of Verbum Domini”.  The National Seminar-Workshop will be done in Chanthagone, Mandalay, Myanmar on July 7-12, 2014. Please keep us in your prayers for the success of our seminar. The attendance is estimated at around 90 from the different dioceses of the country. Our sister Ms. Estrella “Star” del Mar from the Philippines will visit us during the seminar.

In the Service of the Word,

Fr. Saw Bosco


In Memoriam: Fr. Paul Puthanagady, SDB


Fr. Paul Puthanagady, SDB

rest in peaceThe good Lord called our dear friend of the Word, Fr. Paul Puthanagady SDB (aged 79), to eternal rest on 14 November 2013. Fr. Paul was the second director of NBCLC (National Biblical Catechetical Liturgical Centre) of India, a founding member of the CBF. He served in the dual role of CBF EC member and subregional coordinator of South Asia from 1984 to 1990. He served as the head of the drafting committee of the final statement for the IV CBF Plenary Assembly 1990 on “The Bible in the New Evangelization” – a very well-articulated document, praised by many, that is still relevant for today as we are going to further reflect on “Renewed Biblical Apostolate for New Evangelization” in Pattaya in December.

Relating to “CBF 35 Years” he shared the following: “I wish and pray that CBF may continue to keep alive its mission of “hearing the Word” in the world constantly widening its horizon in genuine openness and dialogue with the men and women of our times. I believe that if the Word of God, while keeping its moorings and roots in the book of the Bible, could come out of the book and meet the people of today, confronting the bad news of the world in which they live, making it become the Good News to all men and women in every sphere of their lives, it will become a source of new life for all peoples.”

While we are working towards the “new birth of new CBF”, Paul’s expression of his hopes and expectations for the CBF in future will surely offer inspiration.

May he rest in eternal peace.

Source: Cecilia Chui

CBF-SEA In Solidarity with the Suffering People in the Philippines

CBF-SEA In Solidarity with the

Suffering People in the Philippines 

More than 11 million people have been affected by Super Typhoon Haiyan which struck on Friday 8th November with gusts of up to 250kmh. After hitting Leyte and Samar coastal provinces with 18ft high storm surges, Typhoon Haiyan struck six central Philippine islands and affected 40 cities, notably Tacloban, which is 95 percent destroyed. In Cebu, another badly-affected area, 80% of communities were flattened to the ground including schools, churches and sports halls. Most of the buildings have collapsed.yolanda-tacloban-victims-1111

Yolanda-1The mega storm is reported to have left more than 673,000 people displaced and caused up to 95% devastation in worst affected areas such as the city of Tacloban. At least 10,000 people are feared dead as a result of what is being described as one of the most powerful storms on record. The devastation was worse than reported – with many more provinces and small islands affected than recorded in the media.

Many people are crying for help but the magnitude of the calamity is so huge that the government finds it difficult to reach those affected. People are desperate. Many are looking for their relatives and so many have lost their lives. The greatest needs are food and clean water. To help Aid to the Church in Need’s work in the Philippines, contact 020 8642 8668 or visit

We are deeply saddened and offer our prayers for the victims and whatever help we can give.


National Seminar Workshop in Myanmar

National Seminar Workshop

 The Episcopal Commission for the Biblical Apostolate Myanmar


The Episcopal Commission for the Biblical Apostolate in Myanmar will be having their National Seminar Workshop soon and we assure them of our full support and prayers as we journey with them in their quest for peace and harmony as a people. BA Myanmar is a full member and we share to you their concerns as our brother, the national coordinator writes:

“We are going to have our National Seminar Workshop for building peace in the light of the Bible on July 6- 12, 2013. We need peace and harmony in the country among different religions and ethnic groups. The aim of the Seminar is to find some solutions for peace.

This is also our regular national meeting held every six months for all those who are active in biblical ministry to encourage one another, especially  because our ministry is still very young.  We expect more than 80 participants from different dioceses. But we have no funds and there is no response from the KIM yet. It is difficult to get local support too. We do not have other ways and means.

 peace 2The participants come from very far places. It is difficult for them even to pay for their own traveling expenses. I will have to go about 400 miles to reach the place too. The roads are still bad in many areas. Traveling is still difficult for mountaineers although better compared to before. There is little possibility to get support from our group. I have to choose a convent for our venue.  Anyhow I trust in God and his providence. Kindly keep us in your prayer.

 We recently produced a new album in Burmese with biblical songs, mainly for seminars. Thanks be to God!”

 The Catholic Biblical Federation then of Southeast Asia unites with those who will be attending during this historic event organized by the Episcopal Commission for the Biblical Apostolate of Myanmar. We will be with you in spirit and in prayer in your pilgrim journey towards peace and harmony inspired by the Word of God.


– the coordinating team of CBF-SEA