From Death to Life!


By:  Estrella (Star) Cui del Mar

Archbishop William Goh: Easter 2020 - YouTubeChrist’s death saved us!  Mission accomplished!  From death to life!

At this time of Covid 19 pandemic, when the world is on a standstill, many deaths, many lost their jobs, many cannot do their jobs, the government is losing funds, OFWs are coming home having lost their jobs, poor people are hungry, food relief not enough for the families, etcetera.  Business is in recession everywhere.  Is it still Good Friday? NO! It’s EASTER!!


We see the more important things in life that money cannot buy:

  • We understand the value of the words “solidarity”, “compassion”, “love”, “empathy” and “faith”.
  • We realize we are all in the same ship, rich and poor alike.Easter Mask Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock
  • We realize that leadership means taking care of one’s people by all means. We also see how difficult obedience is and some people do not like to see the real situation or perhaps do not understand at all.
  • We realize that we need one another to survive.
  • We have more time with family due to home quarantine. The house is no longer a lodging house but a home for parents and children to eat together, pray together and more time together.
  • We realize that health is more important than work. The saying that “health is wealth” is given more meaning now.
  • We realize that nature has recuperated a little with less pollution, less human interventions and abuse in the natural world.
  • We realize the vulnerability of the human being and fear is real.
  • We realize that death is inevitable and everyone must be ready for it.
  • We need to change our wicked ways and ask God to heal us.
  • We realize that we can unite in prayer in the God who is Creator, All Powerful, King of the Universe and Savior of the World.
  • We realize that we all need God to save us!
  • And those who left ahead of us, there is life after death!

Hymns on Sunday, 12 April 2020 | RNZJesus is Risen!  Jesus is alive!  He is with us! He suffers with us!  He gives us Hope!  He awaits that we do our part.  We have to CHOOSE LIFE!


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