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  1. Internal situation

      Character : Biblical Center run by Ursuline Sisters of the Roman Union

      Contact Person : Sr. Emmanuel Gunanto, OSU

      Email :

      Fax : 6222 710 3728;  Telephone: 6222 7207 332

      Mobile phone: 62 8586 1743 331  and 62 8562 190 081


      Postal address : Jln Supratman 1, Bandung 40114, Indonesia

      Personnel :

                        Yustanes Wiranaga

                        Yusuf Chandra

                        Agustina Roumimper



  1.   Activities in 2015

      Weekly:    Bible Course (The Bible in 100 weeks), Bible Sharing,

                                    Biblical Animation in the parish

                                    Training for bible teachers

                                    Present the homilies and talks of Pope Francis in power point

                                    to help people understand and live the faith.

      Monthly:   Bible class for Carmelite Sisters

                                    Biblical animation for the blind,

                                    Biblical  animation for  prisoners

      Upon request:      Biblical animation, Trainings, Seminars, Recollections

                                    Biblical Retreats in parishes and for categorical groups.


  1. Publications in 2015

            Course material

            Daily reflections based on the readings of daily Mass

            printed and available on the website.


  1. Projects for the year 2016

      Continue the existing programs.

      Serial of presentations on “Laudato Si”


  1. Other important reflections

      The Bible sharings are more and more appreciated

      to bring us closer to the Lord and to one another,

      to deepen our faith

      to strengthen us in facing life’s difficulties.




(Updated: September 5, 2016)

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