Commissariat Terrae Sanctae Indonesia

Associate Member


1. Internal situation:

Contact persons:

Fr. Robert Wowor OFM –

Jeffrey Hehanussa

Address:     Jl.  Manggarai Selatan I no 3

JAKARTA – 12860

Phone +6221 83780092 –


2. Activities in 2015:

  • Bible course at Kramat Parish, every Monday:  From the books of Cardinal Carlo Martini.  Every Thursday:  Epistel from the Sundays Liturgy.
  • Bible course St. Peter, every Wednesday & Thursday.
  • Bible course St Paul / KPKS, every Friday:  The Old Testamen & Biblical themes.
  • KPKS Dei Verbum, every ThursdayBiblical Themes
  • Bible course at the Cathedral Jakarta, The Gospel of Matthew
  • Bible course at St Theresia Parish, Catholic Letters.
  • Little Rock Scripture Study, every Saturday.


Three seminars in the year 2015.

  1. Seminar on The Divine Mercy.
  2. Seminar on The Mercyful Mother (Mary)
  3. Seminar on The Book of Revelation

 Once a month we have held biblical teaching to 12 different groups of 15 to 50 people spread out arround Jakarta.

Holy Land Tour for Bible Study Groups:  Twice  in 2015.


3. Publication:

Photo copies of the teaching materials used during courses.


4. Program for 2016:

Continuing the 2015 program.

  1. Biblical Courses.  Bi monthly, every Monday & Thursday.
  2. Holyland  Tours & other sacred places.  The last  in 2016, will be from  December 23, 2016 to January 3, 2017
  3. Seminar on Divine Mercy 2016.

5. Reflection:


There are always interested persons to follow Bible Studies.  An increase by 10% at every beginning of a course is a good sign. We found more interest on Biblical Pastoral Ministry compared to Bible Study courses.

However lack of biblical pastoral teachers is a problem.


(Updated: September 5, 2016)










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