Lembaga Biblika Indonesia

(Full Member)

The Indonesian Biblical Association

Yosef Masan Toron

Internal situation

President:     Yosef Masan Toron SVD


Vice President:     Surip Stanislaus OFMCap.

Secretary:             Albertus Purnomo, OFM


Treasurer:           R. D. Edi Prasetya


Address:              Lembaga Biblika Indonesia

Gedung Gajah, Blok  DE –

Jl. Saharjo  no 111 – Tebet

Jakarta  12810

Telephone:        (021) 8318633 – 83781187

Fax                        :     (021) 83795929

CP                         :     087875792887

Activities in 2012

A.  Formation of leaders for the Biblical Apostolate for children

The Bible needs to be introduced to children at an early age. However, youth leaders complain about their lack of ability and skills in teaching Scriptures to children. Therefore LBI has started formation programs  for biblical pastoral ministers for children  in various dioceses. In 2012 those programs have been carried out in:

  1. The diocese of Palembang: from June  22nd to 24th, 2012, for 45 youth leaders for the formation of faith. The train-ing material was given in the form of dramatization of  Scriptures and Scripture teaching aids.
  2. The diocese of Pontianak: from September 28th to 30th , 2012  for 100  youth leaders for the formation of faith. The training material consists of dramatization of Script-ures and a Bible Camp.

B. National Bible Month – September 2012

We celebrated our bible month in September with the theme: “WITNESSING THE MIRACLES OF THE LORD “What wonderful things have we seen today!” (Lk 5:26). The aim is to understand the meaning of Jesus’ teachings through the miracles. For the implementation of the Bible Month, the LBI has published and distributed to all the dioceses the following materials: Modules for Basic Christian Communities (for adults, youth, singles and children), Daily Reflections, Cele-bration of the Word, the text for the Eucharist and posters.

C. Distribution of Bibles

In the year 2012 LBI has distributed some 146,203 bibles of which 12,854 were subsidized, in the form of a discount of 40% and the exemption of postage.

D. Revision of the translation of the Deuterocanonical Books

The revision of the translation of the Deuterocanonical books started a long time ago but met many obstacles. It was especially difficult to find translators because they had other responsibilities. Since 2010 intensive revision has been done by three teams. All the books have been revised and targeted towards the end of 2013.

E. Meeting of Catholic Biblical Lecturers

The LBI held a meeting for Catholic Biblical Lecturers from July 29th to 31st 2012. Plans were made for a joint study in writing topical scripts or articles relating to the Scriptures. The manuscript will be published, and hopefully can be used as a guide in pastoral and biblical apostolate.

F. Meeting of the Association of Indonesian Biblical

      Scholars (ISBI)

The biennial meeting of the ISBI  was held at Wisma Samadi Klender Jakarta from July 26th to 28th  2012 with the aim of exchanging information among Catholic and Protestant biblic-al scholars.

Publications in 2012

A. Bulletins

To help people study the Bible, LBI published two bulletins:

1.   “Pendalaman Kitab Suci” (deepening of Scriptures) a bimonthly, discussing the first or the second reading and the Sunday Gospel according to the liturgical calendar.

2.   “Wacana Biblika” (Biblical Discourse) a quarterly scientific bulletin with actual themes about the Bible.

B. Books

Books composed and published by the LBI in 2012:

  1. Jarot Hadianto, “Air Mata di Atas Ranjang”, stories inspired by the Psalms, Jakarta: LBI, 2012.
  2. _______ , “Kutukan si Botak”, Reading history in the historical books,  Jakarta: LBI, 2012.
  3. Jehadut, A., “Apa yang Terjadi sekarang & yang akan datang,” Introduction to and interpretation of the Apo-calyps 1 – 11, Jakarta: LBI, 2012.
  4. _______ , Pergulatan Iman Jemaat Abad Perdana, (Introduction and thematic Interpretation of the Letters), Jakarta: LBI, 2012.
  5. _______ , Peter the Apostle in the Acts of Apostles, Jakarta: LBI, 2012.
  6. _______ , “Misionaris Bangsa Lain dan Karya Misinya”, a book on St. Paul, Jakarta: LBI, 2012.

Books composed by the LBI and published in cooperation with others  in 2012:

  1. Surip, S., Kata-kata Masyal Bermoral. Akhir Zaman, Seri Firman Hidup, Yogyakarta: Kanisius, 2012.
  2. _______ , Kata-kata Masyal Bermoral. Umpama, Seri Firman Hidup, Yogyakarta: Kanisius 2012.

Plans for 2013

A   Compose a weekly prayer service book for the family to cultivate the habit of praying and meditating on the Word of God in the family and to improve the quality of the Catholic faith.

B   A training program to equip people who are involved in the biblical apostolate. Participants will be trained to facilitate bible sharing groups, get some knowledge of the Scriptures and the zeal to do it. This training will be held in three dioceses.


YosefThe family is the first cell of society and church where the seeds of faith are planted and developed. The importance of the family for the life of the Church cannot be denied. The main task of the family is to form a community of individuals who love one another, serve life, and help build the commun-ity and the church. The changing times with all the values ​​and options they offer, make many faithful families seemingly lose direction. There are many families who do not use the Bible for their spiritual reading as a guide for their lives, and many have never read the Bible personally. Having this in mind, the LBI has decided to prioritize the biblical apostolate for the family, in order to create families who love,  live and pass on the Word of God to children.


Jakarta, 23 Juli 2013



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