Pastoral Center of the

Archdiocese of Ende – AM

1. Internal situation
Character : Pastoral Center of the Archdiocese of Ende
Contact Person : Fr. F.X. Deidhae
E-mail :
Fax : 62381 21606
Postal address : Pusat Pastoral Keuskupan Agung Ende
El Tari Atas, Ende 86318, NTT

2. Activities

Making the Word of God a top priority in the pastoral care of the diocese.
The Pastoral Letters, 4 times a year, have a sound biblical basis. Those letters are connected with social issues that affect the life of the faithful. The content of those letters are then worked out in modules for the BCC’s.
Basic Bible Courses for active workers and lay leaders in 84 parishes in the diocese, 4 to 5 times yearly, done by pastoral teams. Aim: Help people in the villages to read and live the Word in daily life.
Accompaniment of bible study groups.

3. Publications in 2004:

Guidebooks for the bible month
Pastoral letters four times a year
Guidebooks, modules and leaflets for BCC meetings.
Biblical talks and meditations through radio.

4. Projects for the coming year

Continue drawing up a clearly outlined pastoral program for the diocese: planning, implementation and evaluation.
Intensify forming cadres for about 5700 Basic Christian Communities in the diocese.

5. Other important reflections

Our aim is forming biblical people. It is very encouraging to see people growing in biblical spirituality: The prayers in the family and at gatherings are more inspired by the bible. Daily conversations use biblical references.
However, there are also many obstacles. Our people do not have a culture of reading. They have to work very hard to earn their living and have no more time and energy to “read”.


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