The Divine Word Biblical Center was conceived from the resolutions of the XXIII General Chapter (Rome, May-June 1988) to be the service arm of the SVD Central Province for the Biblical Apostolate.

Since the foundation of the Divine Word Biblical Center in 1988 until June 1990, the Center has practically served Sacred Heart Parish, Kamuning and some non-SVD parishes. Upon the suggestion of the then Provincial Superior, Fr. Cornelio Alpuerto, SVD to served more SVD parishes, schools and formation houses, the Center was transferred to Christ the King Seminary. Its blessings and inauguration on August 15, 1990 marked the beginning of the Center’s full operations with its new set-up.

From the SVD BIBLICAL CENTER, the name was changed to DIVINE WORD BIBLICAL CENTER, as the SVD Central Province assumed a more direct role and responsibility towards it, while considering the non-exclusivity of the services it renders to the local church.

After staying in CKMS for 17 years, the Divine Word Biblical Center was again transferred in Tayuman. The Characteristic Dimensions (Biblical Apostolate, JPIC, Communication & Mission Animation), as they call it now, shares an office in the 2nd floor of the administrative building of the Catholic Trade Manila. Together with the other three dimensions, the Secretariat for Biblical Apostolate is now directly under the supervision of the Provincial Superior.

The Divine Word Biblical Center under its mother organization the SVD Central Province (SVD-PHC) is an affiliate member of the Episcopal Commission for the Biblical Apostolate (ECBA), and an associate member of the Catholic Biblical Federation (CBF). Up to now, the Center works in coordination with other Biblical Centers (e.g. JPIBC, Vigan) and other Church based organizations and Commissions.



The Divine Word Biblical Center at present has been able to meet most of its objectives. Considering the following accomplishments:


  1. Most parishes/schools and communities were already given the BEST
  1. Committed DWBC lay volunteers
  1. SVD confreres from parishes, schools and communities are willing to help & support BA
  1. Modules given by DWBC serves as a great help for the BA lay workers in their preparation of programs for the parishes/diocese

Like all other institutions, the Center has its own share of limitations and problems for that matter.


  1. Follow-up seminars and continuing programs for the BA

1.1  Parishes & schools are located too far from the Center making it difficult and expensive for the DWBC staff to follow-up handed-down programs

  1. Need for trainings and skills building for DWBC volunteer workers
  1. Lack of regular staff to assist the SVD priest to continue the BA programs


  1. People ask for modules, references   and resource persons for bible studies
  1. Collaboration with formators and CKMS seminarians in the integration of the BA in their summer apostolate
  1. Lack of resource materials and comprehensive training for lay volunteers in facilitating bible study sessions.

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  1. hello!

    i would like to ask if you have any contact information for Fr. Dong Alpuerto. His friend Feliciano Albaran (former SVD) died moments ago. i appreciate if you can reply back to me thanks!

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