CLFC: Cebu Lay Formation Center

Cebu Lay Formation Center


(associate member since 1987)




Contact Person: Estrella Cui del Mar –

REPORT for 2015-2017


  1. Internal situation:

Character          :     Archdiocesan Lay Formation Center

Contact Person  :     Estrella Cui del Mar

E-mail               :

Personnel          :

Fax                   :     6332 – 3440170

Mailing address  :     CLFC, J. Bontuyan St. ,Barangay Talamban

6000 Cebu City, Philippines


  1. Activities:

Biblical retreats, recollections, and leadership trainings to different groups in the Archdiocese of Cebu as well as in other dioceses.

Bibliodrama Recollections to various groups in the parishes.

Psychogenetics in the Light of the Gospel – Psychogenetic is a scientific approach to understanding the influence of our parents and ancestors in our adult behavior and marital relationships.  The retreat is a psycho-spiritual experience that will help participants to discover how under stress we regress to the child that we were and how we can cut-off ourselves from negative trans-generational patterns that are not helping in our present adult-to-adult relationships.

Seminars to the leaders and formators of Family Life Apostolate to address the current problems of our youth.

Creative Ways of Sharing God’s Word among Children and Youth.  The workshop, facilitated by Charles Javier, teaches the participants 50 ways or more methods of teaching God’s Word to children and the youth and to prepare a bible program for the school or parish.

Team with the Cebu Citizens’ Movement for People’s Empowerment and Liberation C-CIMPEL) in the socio-political education of the citizenry.  Scripture is used in the theological reflections of our pastoral theological cycle process of discernment and actions.  C-CIMPEL is the citizen’s arm during election watch and counting. C-CIMPEL has an on-going formation for political education in the parishes and chapels to respond to the current concerns in the Philippine political situation. Our present President wants to change our Constitution and change the form of government.  Our people need to be informed about this in order to make an informed vote during the plebiscite.

Involvement in the Barangay Governance Development Planning – Participatory Resource Appraisal with the C-CIMPEL Team. C-CIMPEL educates the government barangay officials and sectoral groups (for those who invite us) on the process of development planning for their 5 year development plan to get the needed funding from the government for barangay projects.

Work with the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart (MSC) in the formation work in the parishes of the Virgen de la Regla Vicariate in Mactan Island and Cordova.

Regular bible input and reflections to urban poor leaders at depressed areas in Cebu City.

Take care of the SEA fund contributed by members by receiving, recording, sending acknowledgement receipts, and investing the fund in different banks and investment firms.

  1.   Publications

Basic Bible Seminar Trainers’ Training Manual

Several modules of seminars, retreats, recollections and leadership trainings (and still in the making).

  1. Projects for the coming year: The same as above since those are on-going programs.

Look for possible funding since the Center is continually losing financially.

     5. Important reflections:

  • It’s hard to run the activities without the support of the Bishops and Priests.
  • It’s difficult to work alone and to form a volunteer team who can be consistent due to pressures of livelihood and family life. Difficult does not mean that it cannot be done. God’s grace provides the strength and the courage to carry on. It is incredible to see at the end of the year what one person could do having to do practically everything!  And if I can do it with no financial support and staff, I am sure the others who have a staff/team and funding, could do more!
  • Funding is often a problem to run a program and for bible distribution. I keep the program simple and affordable by encouraging participants to help in any way they can without depending on the parish or outside funding.
  • Most parishes do not have a budget for formation.
  • Lack of coordination and working together of church organizations and leaders. So I make my own program and organize them myself so I don’t have to wait for others.
  • The need for friends in the ministry (near and far) who will be there to inspire, encourage and support when needed. Networking is friendship in the ministry.
  • The CBF family has been my inspiration and strength to work for the biblical pastoral ministry against all odds in my situation.
  • The joy and fulfillment I experience after every activity when the people are so grateful and enriched by what we can humbly offer to them.
  • The constant grace and inspiration of the Lord for me to continue my ministry in spite of some odds. Prayer is a necessity.  Praise God!


Estrella (Star) del Mar

CLFC, Cebu City, Philippines

September 1, 2016


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