OSB: Congregation of Benedictine Sisters of the Eucharistic King

Congregation of Benedictine Sisters of the Eucharistic King

Associate Member

(updated: August 31, 2014)

1.   Internal situation:

      Character: OSB-BSEK Biblical Pastoral Ministry

      Contact persons:

           (1)  Sr. Miriam R. Alejandrino, OSB

                 Email address: miriam_osb@yahoo.com

                 Postal address: Divine Word Seminary of Tagaytay

                  SVD Road, 4120 Tagaytay City, Philippines

           (2) Sr. Mary Cecile, Lañas, OSB

                  Email address: cecile_osb@yahoo.com

                  Postal address: St. Benedict Priory

                  Fatima, Vigan City, Ilocos Sur, Philippines

      Personnel: Temporary and perpetual professed members of the Congregation

2.   Activities 2013-2014:

·         A daily half an hour individual lectio divina.

·         A monthly big group bible study followed by small group bible sharing

·         Basic Bible Seminar and Basic Facilitators Seminar to pastoral leaders and some interested groups.

·         Solid biblical formation and pastoral immersion for student-catechists of Saint Benedict Institute

·         Bible courses at Saint Alphonsus Theological Mission Institute (SATMI), Regional Major Seminary for Mindanao (REMASE) in Davao City and at Divine Word Seminary in Tagaytay (DWST).

·         Full-time resident professor at DWST teaching Introduction to Sacred Scriptures, Pentateuch, Prophets, Johannine Literature and Biblical Pastoral Ministry

·         Involvement in activities initiated by parishes, schools, seminaries, and our respective priories for the Bible Week.

·         Lectures,seminar-workshops, courses and retreats in parishes for various categorial groups and for the Benedictine Congregaton.


3.   Publications 2013-2014

                  “Pentateuch”, a Pastoral Commentary. Edited by Sr. Miriam R. Alejandrino, OSB.

                  St. Alphonsus Theological and Mission Institute, Davao City, Philippines.


4. Projects for the year 2014-2015



5.   Reflections: 

      In spite of the activities mentioned above, much still needs to be done so that the Word of God may reach the hearts of men and women of all walks of life.  There is a basic hunger among the people for the Word of God. There is also a need for more “apostles of the Word.” 

      In bible study, there is a need to develop a method which is centered on the biblical text itself, not so much on commentaries. From experience, we saw that the biblical text becomes meaningful to the readers when it is read in dialogue with ones’ culture and situation in life. 

      Our community lectio divina and group bible study serve as springboards and helps in having a common goal and concerted effort for our biblical apostolate. The Word of God indeed is the foundation as well as the unifying factor in building basic ecclesial communities.

5 Responses

  1. many times i read your activities here, its amazing! I love to read your catechetical updates. Salamat!
    May I know if I can have an email ad of Sr. Cecile Lanas,OSB?
    Thank you and God bless you all.
    Oh i forgot … I am working now at the catechetical Ministry (filipino community) here in Montreal, Canada.

  2. Oct. 12, 2010
    Dear Sr. ecile,
    Do you know anything about the planned retreat at the
    St. Benedict Solitude and Retreat House in Tectec, Sindol,
    San Felipe , Zambales ?
    Date is : Feb. 11, 12, and 13, 2011.
    My e-mail : LinoADial2001@yahoo.com


  3. I am a graduate of SBI in 1978. I visited St. Benedict Monastery in Cassino, Italy and I missed the years during my Formation. Please pray for me because that is what I’m missing the recollections and being alone in the chapel.

  4. I had visited d priory in ulas wayback 1995 and inquired if I can work as lay missionary by the time all my kids will graduate. Now, the time has come I am alone.

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