IPD: Institute for Pastoral Development


Associate Member

1. Nature of Organization:

We are a Catholic Lay Training institute founded in 1982 whose mission is “to make God’s kingdom actively present in the world by training and empowering the people of God with skills and spiritual preparation to better equip them in fulfilling their missionary role in the Church.” Aside from training, we undertake engagements as may be requested by Church organizations and leaders.

2. Activities in 2015


  • Organization meetings are Board Meetings and the Executive Committee (EXCOM) every other month.
  • Mission team meetings every month, meetings of committees as needed
  • Our vice President attended the Plenary Assembly of the CBF in Nemi, Italy


  • Conducted our “Joy of Discovery in Bible Study” training for two religious communities, one in the Visayas and another in Metro Manila. The program provides Bible Study skills to the participants.
  • Facilitated a Mission-Vision Workshop for a Parish to revisit and update their mission-vision in the light of changing needs and conditions
  • Conducted a “Trainers Development Workshop” in a Diocese to train trainers and facilitators to deliver seminars and workshop and cascade training programs that they have taken from IPD.
  • Conducted a “Steward Leaders Training” to a religious order.
  • Conducted “Transformation for Productivity” seminar workshop to the faculty of a  College to promote productivity and teamwork
  • Facilitated a planning workshop for the national leadership of the Episcopal Commission for the Bible Apostolate (ECBA) using the Appreciative Inquiry framework in connection with the forthcoming National Bible Workshop (NBW) in 2016.


  • none


  • Participation in National Catholic Charismatic Congress (Philippines) providing resource speakers and display booth


3. Program for 2016


  • General membership meetings, Board, Executive Committee, Mission Team and committee meetings as needed


  • Development of courses and competences to assist Basic Ecclesial Communities (BEC)
  • Continue to offer training programs to Dioceses, Parishes and communities in line with our mission. Provide assistance to Bishops and Commissions as requested


  • Develop and update course materials as needed



(Updated: September 5, 2016)


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