SIHM: Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary


43 Sunflower Street

Saint Joseph Village

2600 Baguio City, PHILIPPINES

CBF Associate Member

Affiliated to ECBA

BA – Northern Philippines


Year 2009

Sr. Antonia Anas, SIHM

1. Information

E-mail Addresses: (Congregational) (Personal)

Contact Numbers:        Tel. # (074) 444-5897

Fax # (074) 444-7262

CP # 09284280971 (personal)

2. Program/Activities

As a Congregation of women religious missionaries called to participate in the integral evangelization of peoples, we continue to embrace the Bible as part and parcel of our journey through life while responding to mission “ad gentes”.


Building/Animating Basic Ecclesial Communities, Organizations, the Youth, Children, & Students by:

•           Giving BBS, Co-facilitating bibliodrama workshops

•           Facilitating Recollections with Scriptural texts for reflections and/or sharing and integration of biblio-drama elements/dances

•           Catechetical instructions in formal and informal settings with the Bible as textbook/prayer book

•           Promotion of the Bible Relevance in Modern Times Seminar scheduled in three different places in Northern Luzon in September 2009

•           Inclusion of Introduction to the Bible and/or Scriptural texts/themes in Modules for BEC seminars, Family Life Apostolate, Preparation of couples for Marriage, etc.


•           Bible Enthronement on different occasions in the work areas, in our small SIHM communities, during Congregational activities

•           Bible Sharing/Bible Service in BECs, in classroom settings & in small SIHM communities

•           Bible texts as prayers before/after classes, also as subject matter

•           Observance of National Bible Week (activities like Poster or Bookmark Making, Bible Quiz, etc.)

•           Dramatizations of selected Scriptural texts in varied settings or varied occasions

•           Praying of the Rosary with Bible texts for meditation (“Biblical”   rosary) especially in October

•           Occasional liturgical celebrations with elements of bibliodrama

•           Using new approaches in reading bible texts

•           Occasional integration of bibliodrama elements  in liturgical celebrations and use of bibliodrama elements as prayers before and/after an important activity like a meeting or seminar/workshop

•           Use of Bible Story Telling in the local language (for children as well as adults): done orally and/or in songs

•           Participation in the celebration of the ILOCANO BIBLE CENTENNIAL held in Baguio City on  December 02, 2009


•           Sisters help distribute copies of Bibles, including the MTBO, to families, couples preparing for marriage, BBS participants, high school students, individual persons

Prepared by:


SIHM Biblical Apostolate Coordinator

06 January 2010

Basic Bibliodrama Workshop with Teachers        Sisters review Bibliodrama steps during a
(1 Sister as participant & Congregational General Assembly

1 Sister as co-facilitator)

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