SVD-PHC: Divine Word Missionaries

SVD Philippine Central Province

Associate Member


Fr. Arlo Bernardo Yap, SVD Contact Person


I. Personal Profile:

Name:  Fr. Arlo Bernardo Yap, SVD

Position: SVD Coordinator for Biblical Apostolate (2014-        )

Email Address:

Office Email Add:

FB account:  Arlo Bernardo Yap

Postal Add:  SVD Characteristic Dimensions

1916 Oroquieta Street, Sta. Cruz,

1003 Manila, Philippines

Tel. No.:  +632-731-7727

Fax. No.: +632-711-7324


II. Activities in 2015

  1. Meetings

-held a Conference/Assembly last January (2015) for all Bible study groups and communities of Liturgical Bible Study with Bishop Ambo David (ECBA chairman at that time) and Mrs. Nora Lucero (PBS General Secretary) as our main speakers.

  1.   Formation Programs

-conducted Liturgical Bible Study Seminars for SVD seminarians, catechists, parishioners and lay leaders of Palawan, Mindoro, Metro Manila, religious congregations like FMM sisters, lay charismatic communities like Couples for Christ, Singles for Family and Life.

-presentation of Liturgical Bible Study and workshop for the National Capital Region Parishes in Metro Manila with Biblical Apostolate last September.

-weekly (Monday) Liturgical Bible Study at Christ the King Seminary with lay communities and leaders,

-weekly (Friday) Liturgical Bible Study with SVD employees and with Catholic Trade employees.


III. Publications

-documentation of Liturgical Bible Study events and posting them on FaceBook account Liturgical Bible Study page.

-finish writing the book entitled:

Nourished by the Word






IV. Program for 2016

Local /Zonal/National level

  1. Formation

-continuation of conducting Liturgical Bible Study Seminar especially after the publication of the book: Nourished by the Word.

  1.   Publications

-printing, promotion and distribution of Nourished by the Word.


Submitted by:

Fr. Arlo Bernardo Yap, SVD

Feast of St. Arnold Janssen (SVD Founder)

January 15, 2016



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