Conference Episcopale du Vietnam

Year 2016

(Full Member)



 I. Internal situation

Character                  :           Commission of Bishops’ Conference

Contact Person        :           Fr. F.X. Vu Phan Long, OFM

E-mail                        : 

Personal                    :           84 8 38220988

Fax                              :           84 8 38228087

Postal Address        :           3 Mai Thi Luu Q. 1, Ho Chi MinhCity – Vietnam

Address of the President of the Biblical Commission:

Bishop Joseph Vo Duc Minh

22, Tran Phu – POBox 42, Nha Trang – Vietnam

Email                         :           –

– Official email address of the Commission:                                

Tel                              :           84 058 352 7641

Members                  :           1 bishop, 21 priests (4 abroad) and 4 sisters.


II. Activities of the members in 2016

1.   Meetings:

– 02 meetings of the whole Commission

2. Formation:

– Lectures on Scriptures in the Major Seminaries and Intercongregational Institute for male and female religious.

– Preparation of the Gospel texts with simple commentaries for family evening prayer at home; more substantial commentaries for parish priests

3. Publications:

– 02 manuals on Holy Scripture, especially on Lectio Divina.

– Publication of one booklet of the 22 meditations on the Divine Mercy for the Jubilee.

4. Others: Out of the request of the Commission, VN Bishops’ Conference accepted the translation of the whole Bible by the Group Liturgy of Hours as the “vulgate” text for the VN Church.

III. Program for 2017

            CBF Vietnam/National level

  1.   Meetings:

– 02 meetings of the whole Commission.

– Preparation for the SEA Workshop in Nha Trang.

  1.   Formation:

– Ongoing training various ways and methods of approaching God’s Word for prayer and life, especially through Lectio Divina.

– Lectures of Holy Scripture in the Major Seminaries and the Religious Congregations: Teach and present the manuals on Holy Scripture.

  1.   Publications:

Website for Biblical Pastoral is going on, with rich contributions such as sketches of homilies, exegetical presentations, suggestions for Lectio Divina, diverse articles, sharings, news:

  1.   Other: Project of translation of books on biblical exegesis of the foreign scholars in Vietnamese and of redaction of books on biblical hermeneutic.



Report sent by Fr. FX Vu Phan Long, OFM

(Updated September 6, 2016)

3 Responses

  1. I am a specialist in the New Testament, especially on St. Paul. I obtained my Ph.D.-S.T.D. from the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium). Presently, I am teaching here at the Graduate School of Philosophy and Religion, Assumption University of Thailand. I would be interested to be of service to the Church in Vietnam with regard to the teaching of Scriptures. I am a Filipino by nationality.

    From 2006-to the present, I serve as Vice President of the Catholic Biblical Association of the Philippines.

  2. Hello Dr. Arnold Monera,

    Thank you very much for your comments. You can direct your communications to our contact persons above. We will be coming together for our meeting this coming February 11 to 17 in Cagayan de Oro City.
    This is Fr. Doms Ramos, SVD, one of the administrators of this cbfsea website.
    Greetings from Vigan City!

  3. Hello Fr. Doms! Greetings!

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