1. Internal situation

Contact Person : Fr. Alfons Betan, SVD


Cellphone : 081282368419

Postal address : Seminari Tinggi St. Paulus, Ledalero,

Maumere 86152 -Flores, Indonesia

2. Activities during 2010:

a. Preparing our seminarians for doing the biblical ministry by

b. Giving lectures on biblical exegesis (Pentateuch, the Gospel of Matthew, the Gospel of John and the letters of Saint Paul).

c. Giving lectures on how to carry out the Biblical Pastoral ministry such as how to prepare homily, recollection, and to promote bible sharing.

d. Animating bible groups in some parishes

e. Meetings attended:

       ·    ISBI (Association of the Indonesian biblical professors)

            in Wisma Samadi Klender, Jakarta, July 27-29, 2010.

       ·   The 5th FABC-CBF Asia Oceania Biblical Congres and the 3rd Bishops’ Institute for the Biblical Apostolate, held at the Redemptorist Centre in Pattaya, Thailand, November 4-8, 2010.

3. Publications

a. Working together with the biblical apostolate commission of each diocese in Nusa Tenggara region – Indonesia to promote biblical apostolate: preparing bible month material (September), and bible course. Our theme of the bible month, 2010 was: “Introducing the Scripture to the Children.”The inspiration was taken from Dtr 6:4-9.20-25; 2Tim 3:10-17; Ef 6:1-4; Mrk 10:13-16.

b. Providing Liturgical calendar for bible reading throughout the year

c. Still in the process: writing some articles and books; booklets for biblical animation

d. Meetings attended:

4. Challenges

a. Fostering people to love the Word of God written in the Bible and helping them aware of the importance of the Word of God for their lives: by reading and trying to know the content of the passages, reflecting on this and manifesting it by showing good actions, for example, by helping poor family to find jobs or helping their children to get a formal education

b. Enhancing bible study among young people

c. Supplying Scriptures with low price

d. Preparing qualified apostolate facilitators

e. Providing and carrying out the ecumenical bible courses


Saint Paul Major Seminary

June 2, 2011


2 Responses

  1. Dear Fr. Alfons, tq so much that we can chat abit through this space. Congratulations for your initiatives to come up with this website.
    I was wondering.. if Fr. Mike Manning in USA launched the Word Production.. what if my confreres of St. Paul Bible Centre in Ledalero
    would do something to proclaim the Word of God through dunia maya.. In this morning I was meditating upon.. preparing a kind of Novene w/ St. Peter (He is the patron of the Parish in Sorong.. which will celebrate its 30th anniversary next June). I will try my best to jot down some outline.. and please correct or add some ideas in order to push the parishioners to love the Bible, so that they can live out the spirit of the Bible in their daily life.
    Keep in touch: Yan Djawa SVD-Sorong (HP 081.344.310.652)

    • Dear to any svd priest or brother:
      I was trained by svd priest in the philippines. I met an indonesian svd
      priest from flores by the name Fr, Paul. This was in manila way in the
      in the 70. If you have any information I would like to communication with him. I lived in los angeles. thanks mervyn norris

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